No smoking

whoa cool design

Watch this

I really like the skeleton but the no smoking blob seems a little out of place....very different style


love the skeleton. like the message.
however, i think the skeleton is strong on it's own, without the cigarette.


omg! I love it, I want it NOWWWW! $5 and if I could put more I would, fawesome!


groovy. a bit feminine with the butterflies, so I might not actually buy it, but still a absolute 5.


taste is not argued, thankyou for your comment.


the ciggy sign seems very out of place... otherwise- gorgeous.


nice skeleton, but i hate butterflies.

Devil Dancer

This makes me want a cigarette.... Just like all other anti-smoking propaganda.


get rid of the cigarette idea. just the skeleton and the butterflies would be a cool design.

Eleanor Rigby
  1. i want this now
  2. amazing design
  3. please not on yellow.. please

better w/o the no smoking, its pretty cool.


sadly statement and all I have to say it looks better w/o the no smoking but still $5


maybe the no-smoking sign would work better if you had it smaller, in the bottom right corner. and in the traditional circle rather than the big blob. then you could get your message across without having the big funny-looking speech-type bubble. And it would be more styley


what is the thing on the skeleton's shoulder?


I really like this idea but I think it would look nicer with out the smoking blob


I love the way the lungs and chest are on the skeleton, but the no smoking thing is odd and throws you off from the overall design, it doesn't go with the rest of your style which is highly detailed and fantastic . . . but I do like the exclamation on the butterfly. 5




FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!! $5 For sure!!


if you had the skeleton smoking, or a cigarette near the skull, then maybe you could go with the concept... but, yeah, the way it is now doesn't flow.


i think it's perfect the way it is, actually. great job!


sweet deal!!!! i really like this and i hope its printed. $5!!!!!!!


looks great. not crazy about the shirt color, but the illo is fantastic. $5


I love the design, but I think changing the butterflies to something more grotesque would get the message about smoking across more effectively. Also, as people have said, I don't think the cigarette is necessary. I love your high-detailed style.


I have the same dingbat font you got the skull from! which makes me think the whole thing is just dingabts arranged randomly.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

The word bubble throws off the balance, but the rest is nicely illustrated.


hell, im a smoker, and i still love it!!!
and keep the word bubble, skipper dont know what he's talking about :D


Really like the design, not sure about the colours though.


Devil Dancer, i wholeheartedly concur.

andi absolutely love this shirt. please please print.


I love it, but Im not crazy about the butterflies, and the impact of the word bubble, maybe if you made the bubble outlined instead of filled in.


The speech bubble interferes with the design I think, perhaps it should be toned down a bit. But otherwise very nice. Keep the butterflies, you must!


The art is good, but I don't know what that thing at the left is (the one with the exclamation point), or why there are butterflies and a tree branch in the drawing, or what any of this has to do with cigarettes...


As a smoker, let me tell you... no butterflies. Definitley not.


I think it would be awesome to have just the ribs and trachea, bronchial tubes, etc. and make them big, sorta like an x-ray of the person wearing the shirt. if nothing else, I say take out the no smoking bubble, it doesn't fit with the rest of the design

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