Evolution of Religion

  • by FRAGOSO
  • posted Nov 20, 2006

It´s evolution, baby!!!!

Watch this
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LOL, I would have made the religion De-Evolve, but this is good.


maybe one on the back and one on the front? i feel like it's a bit too disconnected to be both on the front. but that's just me.


Yeah... religion should de-evolve... (not the way I feel, but just the way the world is today)




Really would be better if it said "Evolution of Man" not "Human" as the first phrase is more commonly used.


Wow, very well illustrated point. =)


nice id put the religion one on the back i'd definately buy it


I think you could just do the religion one: the human evolution picture is so well-known that referencing it in picture makes it a little too obvious.


why should religion devolve? I can't remember the last time the Roman Catholic Church supported killing somebody because they thought the earth revolved around the sun. I'm an atheist, but I'm also a realist. religion is a lot better than it was even fifty years ago


Religion on back and it's a winner!


Thanks God it is better now, MooseDinner, but definetely its evolution is MUCH SLOWER than the evolution of the society... much much much much slower...


The evolution is slower than society because generally they base their beliefs on unchanging and constant principles. In a volatile world and culture something that is constant is a relief. I don't know if you actually believe in evolution but if so then I would encourage you to take another look at the evidence for it. If evolution is true then should we not also be discovering thousands of intermediary fossils since it is supposedly a gradual process of adaptation that happended over millions of years? Yet this is not the case. Overall the design is solid but I would try to make the message more subliminal.


this is awesome cause it makes so much sense, i agree with chaymation though change it to "evolution of man" it just sounds better.
making the religion one de-evolve would be a mistake.


Bravo. Bravo.


pretty cool, but I think you should take out "evolution of human"... it would be more subtle and a lot cooler.


id love to wear that to school and see what my teachers said, especially religiuos education!
niiiice :D

A dub

It is an interesting concept but it is completly backwards. Religion is evolving much faster than man. especially Christianity, which is interestingly the religion you referenced - The Catholic church has only been around about 2000 years, unless you include its Jewish history, which is still much more recent than the last neanderthal. I completely believe in evolution, but it is obviously over a much longer time than the evolution of religion. Just think about all the different protestant faiths created in the last 500 years. Next time you try to bash religion, come up with something that is actually true.


what if evolution of religion went from the uptight catholics all the way to the swinging-from-chandeliers barefoot pentecostals (is that the correct stereotype?), just an idea...


yes I agree! OH that excites me.


It´s about Catholic Church because it´s the one I know best (mmmh... I guess other religions are even more old-fashioned! Well, anyway let´s talk about Catholic only!), and sadly I don´t agree with you, A Dub.
I agree that Human Evolution is much longer than Religion evolution in terms of years, but SADLY Catholic religion doesn´t accept things accepted by the rest of the society (everyone knows what things).

Maybe "Evolution of Church" instead of "Evolution of Religion"?...

Anyway: NICE DEBATE!!:-)


I need it!!!


Maybe your caption should say, "Evolution of Catholicism." Religion itself is very evolutionary. Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism have been hanging around for centuries, so there isn't much change there. But Rastafarians, Wiccans, Scientologists, and Mormons are all fairly recent religious sects by comparison. Even within the same lumped up groups, like Protestants, they've all branched off to practice what they feel most comfortable with.


I think a combination of both would be funniest. That's what I expected from the thumbnail; it would be great if the monkey evolved into a human...and into a priest, who shunned evolution. Irony?

Shane W. Kratz

who doesnt believe in evolution? crazy people thats who

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

um eyestozian....you know pretty much every link that was missing in the chain of monkeys to humans has been found now right? Please don't tell me that you dont believe in evolution..please dont say those words. Because not believing in evolution means you believe in the egotism of man being born just the way he is, "perfect" in every way and fully formed. Man is perfect b/c it took millions of years to perfect. btw, the shirt is cute, but you need to find a way to visualize jo6769's idea of wonderful irony. "evolve" this idea and youve got a winner.


Here in Europe sounds so weird the idea of not believing in evolution...


Short and sweet... and so true! $5 (great example of a brainy T - you don't have to be a graphic artist to make one like this, you just have to be clever)


Then I´m clever... THANKS!;-b




this is impressive&& simple. if it got printed, i'd buy it in a heartbeat. $5


i think ive seen that before


People evolve faster than religion. not in terms of Darwinian natural selection. it would be senseless to compare the evolution of an idea to a species like humans. in terms of ideas or memes (which, if you are familiar with Richard Dawkins is just as legitimate as gene-based evolution) mainstream religion evolves MUCH slower.


the reason that we don't have a record of every species that has ever existed is that not all species are fossilized. and even if they were, we aren't spending billions of dollars a year digging them up and identifying them. the alleged "missing link" is a weak argument against evolution, and it really only addresses human evolution, because we can SEE first hand evolution of species such as peppered moths or fruit flies and the HIV virus (not a living thing, but if replicates just the same and it does evolve)


I'd tweak the concept of it a bit to make religion conform to society. Have the religious figure go from the robes to trendy, carrying a bible that gets smaller and smaller (as less and less of the teachings become observed)
Protestant churches everywhere sicken me. I'm athiest, but I was raised christian in a church where the junior high room featured 4 big screen tvs, playstations, DDR, basketball hoops and foosball.
Pfff, like anybody even cared about the "message".


P.S. But I love the idea.


i love you for this :]


i like the idea, but i wouldnt wear the shirt. [sorry i cant pick out what id change, or else id help]


That's just dumb! -- Religion has evolved just as humans have evolved - even if your point is that some religions haven't changed in a thousand years, humans haven't changed much in a thousand years either! -duh!


I´m sorry, LauraJerry, but my way of thinking is just oppositte as yours...

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