Pirates Rock!

i like it.

Watch this

I thought I was so sick of skulls, but I love this & I'd buy it. On the Khaki please, the white cheapens it.


If you could travel through time and submit this one year ago it would be more relevant. I have to say, I dig your style, but pirates, skulls, trees, ninja, pandas, and military hardware turning into nature are done for at least 5 years.


love the skulls


it might be overused but still looks nice. Great job man


I just looked at some of your other work and you are clearly very talented, keep trying and I'm sure you'll get a design that really works as a t.


I was getting tired of skulls too. I think you quelled my disinterest with this one... at least for now. $5


Skulls are getting a bit old hat, but I'd still buy this printed on the khaki.

random rain

love the colors on khaki,i'd buy it $5


this is pretty sweet. It might be awesome on pink too...maybe..?


looks liek you just tooks random skullsa nd eypatch shapes and threw them down. no thanks.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Your style of skull is very original.


cool, but I'm all for the ninjas. :P

The Sam

who ever likes this is so EMO -1


sweet but i think it would look good on grey.4$


Can people stop calling anything they dislike emo? Please? Just 'cause it's overplayed does not make it emo.

That said, I like the green skull at the top right, otherwise: meh.


ive never been a huge fan of skulls. but whatevs. 3.

I am A Carnivore

pirates too over done....the shirt doesn't really speak pirates to me either...eh

charlie bucket

i dont see how you could make a t with skulls on it and it not be cool but somehow you managed

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