An inhabited planet

  • by tony27
  • posted Nov 18, 2006

Someone once told me that if you were to travel at the speed of light, you’d never reach a single star in your lifespan. That has nothing to do with the design, but doesn’t that suck? Thanks for your time.

Watch this

That's why you have to jump to ludacrous speed. Just make sure you don't go plaid.


This is really cool.
I like the monster thing. And the arrow trees. A very contained design.
Good one.

Monkey II
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Monster and the trees are great!

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nice illustration, I like the way you executed the water and the lake monster

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Actually, a light year is the distance that light travels each year. The closest star is Proxima Centauri which is 4.2 lightyears away so if we were to travel at the speed of light it would only take 4 years and two months. That doesn't even take into account the theory that by moving at the speed of light we would slow down time, which in turn extends our lifespan comparative to existing in a stationary moment.

Cool design, maybe you could extend the stars a bit further as they look slightly boxy on the shirt.


hmm..looks a bit like the umbrelife tee. Good effort though..lov the splash effect..


this is great. i love the creature and the fact that the trees are arrows, and the water as a whole. i actually only dislike the sun (?), because it looks like a wheel of a ship.


I love it! I do agree with amaliaslash, however, regarding the sun...


whoaaa really cool

The Sam

i hope this gets printed $5billion

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I like everything about this 'cept the strange looking sun/star on the upper right. It's awesome, overall :D


is this supposed to be shaped exactly like a whale? Cuz that just makes it cooler.


i'd buy


There's a star thats eight light-minutes away. We call that star the sun. Whoever told that, therefore needs to think outside the box... or rather inside the solarsystem.


That is awesome! A pleasure to look at!


thanks guys, as for the person that told me that whole thing about the not being able to reach a star in my lifetime...I might have to...would you guys snitch if I killed him? haha. No, I’m not going to kill him, he's my friend, it's his Professor that told him that nonsense. He must get a kick outta lying to students.


I ♥ this design. with a burning passion.


to the point if this doesnt get printed, I'm taking it to a tshirt shop to get it printed. credit will be given =D


I really like this, would totally wear it. $5


ha ha that whole star thing cracks me up.


very lovely! you are so creative!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE IT~ I prefer it on the navy than the black.


Interesting... I like the unique style.


nice illustration - 4


incredible, i really hope this one gets printed!


So unique, I love the design, the monster/ whale, the water. Great job! Hope it prints!


it might just be me, but the monster looks really really happy.


great design


amazing...beautiful! i would buy it on the black

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