Unfinished Maze

  • by YadGadge
  • posted Nov 17, 2006

I've had this on my computer for several years, and I keep telling myself that one of these days I'll finish it. Color, placement, size, text and all that not set in stone. Flash file so you can zoom in with a right click.

Watch this

Nice idea, I like the way it's so unfinished. The placements good, and the colours look great together. 5, defintaley.


I would consider adding some maziness to the right side. cool idea


i like the symbolism. i'd buy


It looks like the roadmap of my life... got a little way with confidence and now the rest is lost. If the FINISH part of the box was closed, that would spell it out.

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I would like the concept even more if this was nearly all filled in, but then have one line seeming like it's making a mad dash right for the finish but have the line never connect and dead-end right before the exit. Or have the START part of the tee really big and progressively get smaller, symbolic for when something starts out full of life and exuberance and then ends with a wheezinf sign-off. Really happy fluffy bunny stuff, i know.


I think it might look more balanced if you made it a sqare instead of a recatngle and increased the overall size. so the "maziness" is half or more of the box.


I love it!! almost has a philosophical feel to it


I agree with Sandz.

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I think it should be at least half-finished >.>;


great concept, don't see any reason to change a thing.


I'd Grab it $4


And don't make it square :-/


Good colours - very Tron. Does anyone else remember Tron?


very "tron"alicious. great idea, may not wear it, but it be a cool shirt on someone else! :)


I'd give it more points if it was finished.


points for symbolism but not enough


you know, this is fantastic, and i hope i'm not over analyzing this, but imagine if you were in that maze, and you had these walls to guide you, then all of the sudden you are left in this huge abyss, kind of like stuck in the middle of an ocean. pretty scary stuff. not so easy to find your way to the end or back to the start eh?


Love the symbolism and especially Shonjonn's interpretation. Life starts out with guidlines but when you get to a certain point you are on your own to walk your own line 5$


make the metaphor more obvious. at a glance (most people's view of a shirt), no one is going to realize that there is a hidden message, they'll just think it's a weird maze thing

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