big shoes & little kid

looks great! could you post a link to an image where we can see some detail?

Watch this

awesome, though I want the SHOES, not the shirt. :D

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I like this design a lot but I wish it had some color in it. By the way, the rest of the designs on your site are AMAZING!!!!

I hope to see more from you. I think you could be an artist to really watch for in the future.

tiphaine profile pic Alumni

i think that adding the type & the flowers seen on your website would really take this to the next level as a shirt design.


i think its awesome. very nice work. although maybe a splash of color wudnt hurt?


I agree with jpiatt, submit some of the other designs and you will definitely get printed!


Completely agree with the rest, your designs are awesome.


awesome illustrations ^_^!!! im sure at LEAST one of your designs will get printed :D keep it up~~!


wow i looked through it more cos i wanted to comment and stuff first before i looked through your website but theyre AMAZING :) i love your style. and its awesome how some of your stuff has anime ^^. just makes me happy to see more people who are interested in it.


could the placement be at the bottom of the shirt? love it.


adorable. but maybe the picture should be on the side. $4


Checked out your link - so much talent! vLooking forward to seeing more of your work on here (and elsewhere!). Agree with the others, perhaps this design would look better with a different placement.
PS we're from the same city!

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nice illustration, I wish there was a zoom so you see more of the details


That is blooming ACE! my favourite of all the ones i've seen/voted for (and I don't vote lightly)



Please, please, submit more of your designs; complete with the Mandarin words. I love the camera and the cassette and we need more Asian stuff. Thanks for the lovely visuals!

a yip

ok thanks i will submit more my design@..@


This made me want to check out your website.


great drawing, but definitely not white on white. colored tee, please?


i like the grey one....better hv some color on the background to stand out the ill~


i also want the shoes!!!!
besides the white one, if those 3 colors can hv more difference is better...the color tone are too similar~
support u~!!

a may


I agree with Halo8, the shirt is cute, but I want the shoes. Size 9 please!
PS-can you add some colors?

a yip

i really drawing this shoes before ..for my friend birthday...

Buclkes and or Straps

love it 5 $$$, will you submit "play the piano", i freakin love that illustration, love your style and expect to see alot of your shirts printed


I checked out your website and your ilistrations are amazing! You have so much talent and you should definately submit more. There are a few that I would wear if available.


this would be fantastic in white ink on burgundy, but black and white is really pretty too.


The illustration style is really beautiful. :)


This is really cool. Can I just suggest that the linework is all that needs to be printed? I would want it black on a grey shirt, but not if the white parts of the shoes were printed like on the smaller shirts you have pictures of. Just the linework is sublime!

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