She Blinded Me With Science


Watch this

Hahaha, this is great. Any other colour options?


God I love Thomas Dolby. $5


This is what I have wanted to do to MANY boys back in my chemistry/biology classes (back in the day.)
It would have made science more satisfactory.


I LOVE this shirt. All female scientists/science majors need this shirt.


lol great title.


Hahaha. Bigger, please. =)


It's a lot funnier with the title. but could have problems with copyright infringement.


haha, would buy for my AP chem teacher.


It needs the title to be funny, I feel.


hillarious -- but i con't know if i would have gotten it without the title.


con't = don't.


you need the title on the Tee


i always wanted to do this 5!


this is amazing. one tyhing though, it needs to be HUGE on the tee, and i mean HUGE!

and then it will be an amazing shirt, and maybe put the titale on there towards the bottom corner in some interesting handwritten font (dont do times new roman or arial or helvetica or something).


This really reminds me of Jeph Jaques', the writer of questionable content, shirt that says "She blinded me with library science." :P This is pretty good though.


needs the title on the shirt- great idea!!





reminds me of "Carol didn't wear her goggles, and now she doesn't need them."

the procrastinatorist

I agree with the general consensus that the title should be integrated in the design. I'm new here as my lack of picture would indicate so I'm not sure exactly how the whole revisions and what ends up getting printed if picked thing goes down.


i feel like somehow you need an extra color for the chemical. it looks really weird as it is.


LMAO. i love it, needs to be bigger though, and i agree with snethamon.


my band teacher and i have an inside joke about thatttt.

the procrastinatorist

all good input, bigger, I'd make the grey parts of the design the t-shirt color and make the chemical a light blue, add a small lowercase handwritten inscription under the drawing "...she blinded me with science".

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

god this would so be mine if the title was on the tee. The girl's rigid face, clenched angry fist and stoic uncaring demeanor are all qualities i look for in a good girlfriend AND this awesome tee! 4 1/2 and buy!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

and zabuz..the only 2 things that picture has in common with this entry is that they both are based around a thomas dolby song, and that this one exceeds brilliance whereas the phrase "library science" makes positively no sense and has a picture of some coy nerdy bird blinding me with its lame faux anime drawing style.


I would wear with text also. Great concept.


Funny how everybody has different taste. See, I always like the small and centered images. High school was a long time ago and I am not a billboard. SO, with a great image like this, the pleasing composition invites closer inspection and thats when the magic happens. To accomodate different tastes, maybe designers should offer different sizes.


i love it and want it but only if you put some pretty colours in...please

Eleanor Rigby

i always wanted to do this to my lab partner..


too close to Jeph Jacques "She blinded me with library science" shirt.


HAHAHAAHHAA. this is great.


I am a big fan of off center at the bottom placement. I don't think it would work as well if it was huge. Other than that, I love it. It's so easy to come up with a whole back story just based on the girl's expression...


Absolutely love it. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


"She Blinded Me With Science" is a New Wave song by British musician Thomas Dolby, released in 1983. It first appeared on the album The Golden Age of Wireless. It is a quirky, playful synth-pop number built around bouncy synthesizer hooks, but occasionally ventures into darker interludes meant to evoke early Hollywood mad scientist films such as Frankenstein.

The song's chorus, "She blinded me with science," plays upon the colloquial British expression "to blind [someone] with science," meaning to deliberately confuse someone by giving the impression of highly complex knowledge. In the song, however, the phrase is interpreted as a straightforward reference to the natural sciences.

i'd appreciate the play on the expression more than the straight visual gag


Poetry in motionnnn! 5$


Ah ha ha. That is really awesome!


He shoulda been wearing his goggles. :(


This is AWESOME. $5!!!


wooow!! Great!! I wouldn't wear it, but awesome.


um...sorry...but in poor taste. Too many tragedies (including my neighboor) associated with throwing of chemicals in someones face. Blindness is not funny.


sick, but funny too,. but not one I would wear.


I'd wear this every day if it was done with bright colors... Something very chemical-y.

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