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  • by BLueSS
  • posted Nov 15, 2006

Hard to make anything out. Looks like a huge stain on a white shirt.

Watch this

Loving the concept of a text-only shirt. But it is very hard to read it, and at that size on the shirt people would have to squint to make out the smaller text. Space it out a little more, give it a little breathing room.

Loving the text idea though, seriously. Getting tired of threadless always saying "lose the text!" Text can be good too.


er.. i dont think thats the point of it.. well, it probably makes about 40% of the design, but i think the main purpose is just so that you could see "HERO" on the middle..

nice idea tho.. O:


Wow, I didn't notice that it said "hero" until Ueno pointed it out. Cool concept, but make the "Hero" a little more obvious or it will just look like a black stain!

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this happens all the time at the hospital i work at, when the labels we print for the patients get stuck and write the same name fifty times over and over and over each other....


The concept might look great for a graphic designer who's into all that typography stuff ...but for other people it doesn't make much sense.


make the hero a little more noticeable! awesome concept


It's awesome. But a little bit more noticeable would be great. 'cause im afraid the effect is lost after 5 feet of distance .


i didn't even see the hero until i read through the comments.


I love the concept


I agree with the efaf...there's so much text in one place that it looks too thick. Loosen it up a little and it'd work better.


good concept...saw a similar design with a "love is" in a heart shape.

however, this would be very difficult to read on a shirt. possibly to the point of not being able to recognize letters at all. maybe the words shouldn't be so concentrated and tiny.

and maybe the comments can be inside bubble letters of "HERO"?

A for effort! keep going with it!


maybe on a darker shirt color, with lighter font


I love text only shirts in theory, but I'm really not crazy about what's written and the fact that it's so difficult to read what it's saying. The fact that you only use a few lines over and over kind of bothers me too, it might be more interesting if there where different quotes.

"A hero is someone who gets other people killed"


i like it a lot, maybe though if the words we'rent so tight so more of them could be read, and maybe lighten the hero part a smidge more so its easier to see


Good concept...but it's really hard to read. It looked like a black smear across a white shirt until I squinted and looked up close. I wouldn't buy a shirt that had illegible text right at the boob area...that's just inviting weirdos/pervs to be like "hey, what does your shirt say?" ::sticks face in my boobs:: Ew. Nice idea, though. 3-4


cool idea...but i wouldnt pay 15 bones for it


hmmm. concept is good, but execution...?


Great idea, but a little retouching is needed.


the R is a little difficult to discern. I thought it said "HEKO" at first


awesome hard contrast !!!


I thought it said 'HELLO', which would actually be cool..


Can't see hero that well, but I like it a lot.


I kind of like it how it is. I noticed the hero right off. shrugs That apparently was just me though.


i didn't see the hero. make it clearer


Thanks for all the comments! I like to hear what others have to say about my designs! I agree with most of you actually, the text is small and hard to read, but that was intentional. It represents that there is a hero inside all of us that may be slightly revealed at times. Considering this is the first t-shirt I've designed, I'm personally happy with it. Thanks for the comments!


the idea is really cool but everything is hard to make out. make at least the important sentences more visible. of course the hero has to be more obvious too.


I like the concept and i think the "HERO" is just legible enough fi you have 20/20 vision, but I am surprised it got past the initial judges as some of that would just blur to a mess.


I'd like it as dark gray text on a light gray tee... or something... too much contrast, and yet not quite enough when it comes to "HERO".

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