Would you like Lies with that?

  • by alexeigb
  • posted Nov 15, 2006

My first ever submission for threadless. Thanks for looking and scoring, and I'd really appreciate your feedback. Enjoy!

Watch this

I like the idea!

On a side note: How did you do that thing around the skull?
I swear I was looking for this about 5 minutes ago. I bet its fate, man.


I would love a large order of AK 47s. Thank you. --- Did you want the skull to have a glowing halo effect ?


it's not a halo so much as sort of a ronald mcdonald 'fro. But yeah, I guess it could be whatever you want it to be- I just felt like that space needed a little more color.

That effect is called half-tone dots, it's a matter of contrast applied to a gradient. It is several steps, but you can usually find a plug-in that will automatically do it for you through photoshop or whatever program you prefer.


A Ronald McFro! Im such a genuis. 5$


thats splendicular!!! Can I have two lies with that AK47 meal please!! :D


... calorie induced genocide?

Err, I'm going to pass on this one. Enough with the guns and the mixed, confusing messages. At least make it relevant.


I think you might be taking it a little too seriously. (Genocide? Yikes.) But if you want to be serious- guns kill people, poor eating habits kill people. I don't think it's all that mixed of a message to presume that french fries are actually dangerous, on a level comparitive to violence. And it's not only "calories," but artificial substances, trans fats, chemical preservatives, etc, as well as a set of entirely serious social circumstances induced by the corporate fast-food machine. But hey- can't please everybody. Oh, and I think a pink AK is kinda fun.


Considering the world we live in, many artists are incorporating guns and violence into their work because of the influence of war. I think this it totally appropriate mixing an American icon with a larger issue involving America. It really gives this design a deeper meaning.
I like it on the green...


gwt rid of the word large and youve got a killer design


actually, the word 'Large' is misplaced on the main shirt in the design preview- you can see that on the other two smaller shirts it's to the right, but on the main one I didn't realize when I sent it in that somehow it got shifted. It's a bummer that I didn't catch it- but it'd at least be in the correct placement if the shirt got made.


I like it but the skull is too generic for me, and I suppose the fact that it's a RUSSIAN assault rifle is an intended ironic design element?


Actually, the location of where an AK-47 is made has nothing to do with the design, but if that sort of thing interests you... the reality of it is that AKs have been manufactured all over the world, not only in Russia (where they were invented). I suppose that by that same token the fries were invented in France, and human skull in the Middle East. Honestly, none of that really factors into the design, though- it's just supposed to be a cool t-shirt.


McWar combo please -- Supersize! neat design for the contest


thank you muchly, exin


absolutely spot top!


mattrx, hell yeah!


It's totally agitating to the max, dude!

(note: I'm being sarcastic. No more skull shirts. Seriously, it's played.)


maybe if you made the fried into gravestones or something instead of ak47s, then the message would be less violent and more "fast food nation"-esque


Love it... not sure about the colors you're going for as far as what it's printed on... green looks too dark... pink clashes with the design, the beige seems just a tad off but i don't know.




I do like it. but, yet, no comments.


... I think that is a comment.


both of your designs are epic. i want to see more!!


haha, thanks! more are coming, don't you worry ;) This one ends any minute now, can't wait to see how it did!




It's a bit cliched, design wise, but you have potential. I hope you keep working and submitting to Threadless. I read the book and I don't see what the guns have to do with the theme.

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