rhino vs hippo

  • by ECMasters
  • posted Nov 14, 2006

Hello ladies and gents: let me introduce you to "Rhino vs Hippo." This tee begins a particularly pleasing parade of plump pachyderm pictures for your pleasure.

Watch this

Orange rocks!!! This shirt is awesome. $5


Glad you enjoy it! Orange can be an acquired taste -but these are fiesty little suckers, needed punch! Orange can be a bit much for some complections also - this is why the blue shirt with orange animals is available. I am open to other color suggestions also ;)


Thanks fuchsboi!!


I'm not sure I "get it," but your skill with 2d illustration is top notch- the animals themselves are really classy.

Quick Q, is the darker orange box around the animals on purpose? I don't see why it needs to be there, and I'd be more inclined to like it without. If you want to frame them up, I like your last design's method (some sort of splatter) better than a plain old rectangle.


I wouldn't put the 'vs' on the shirt I don't think... cool idea though


I've often wondered about that also...

Jack Be Me

This is a great T-shirt. I like the Vs. theme. You should run with that.
I also really like the "window" showing the other color option. The juxtiposition of the complimentary colors makes a nice design in and of itself. This would also make a great t-shirt. And this is more marketable than your last design (the autumn one).


the rectangle is not meant to show up, and doesn't show on my machine. It has something to do with the photoshop file I created. Will have to work out that tech. problem - thanks for the heads up!


wicked cool


Lose the vs, seems a bit redundant. Nice stuff though.


love the design, don't likie the orange.


oh i love the design, but i wouldn't wear it on orange. otherwise, i'd get it in a second.


Hmmm, inquiring minds must know; what color would everyone like to see it printed on? :D


my money's on the hippo. i like the orange animals on the light blue back ground. or maybe the shirt could be green? either way $5


blast! I love orange! The orange animals on blue looks great too... orange & grey also look fantastic together. I like the colors you chose though... :-)


Thanks! I thought they were fun :) lord knows I look bad in certain shades of orange so I understand. Checked out your profile earlier - good taste my brother! so trust your opinion


The design and illustration are awesome. I also dislike the "vs," but love the color scheme. I'd prefer blue animals on orange, but I'd readily go for the reverse.


and the epic battle continues...


ah, gotta love controversy! muahahaha


strangely i like the box that you made in the corner with just the close ups. could you do something with that?


the hippo would totally win. hippo=kills more people in africa than any other animal.

Prof. Fether

Not quite "Baby vs. Rhino" or "Bear v. Shark" but me likes. $4


pudding731: sure could, I kinda liked it too.
screeniswonword: hippos are vicious beasts...Indian rhinos kill more people than both tigers and leopards. But its not people we are worried about here he he he;)


hippo would win hands down, not too sure i like the text tho - 4


The hippo has more intelligence and rhinos can't swim. Go hippo!


Haha - nice avatar I heart ducks...do you also heart tacquitos??Secretly I know that answer to the hippo/rhino question. It has a lot to do with the hippo's powerful jaw ;) But personally, I have a tender spot for the poor endangered Rhino's. Hippos on the other hand are flourishing!

.onion profile pic Alumni

I really like rhinoceroses. I hope your further designs will include him more prominently. The box is odd, as is this design, overall.


Oh yes, I do indeed appreciate the pseudo-Mexican foods. I just got back from Taco Bell, in fact.

and I changed my vote (for who wins at least. The shirt's still the same--5). Root for the underdog! You can do it, rhinoceros!


take out the (vs) or rethink it in some way

Jack Be Me

Maybe put the (vs) up in between them; but don't get rid of it. That's the crux of the idea. Rhino vs. Hippo. It cracked me up the first time I saw it.

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