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Watch this

i like it....4


Naomi Campbell is a dog?


Hahah, what the heck is that one dog handing the other one the medal with? He already has four paws on the ground. Anyways, it needs a bit more work on the art, but I really like the style.

liich profile pic Alumni

the armed people-dogs are a little scary, but i like this picture. i'd probablly just make them normal dogs, but that's just a personal thing. cute.


yeah, the armed people dogs...creepy. also don't like the circles in the image that look like they were there to help you draw the shapes. usually that kinda thing is taken out of the final product. it may be your style, but i'm not fond of it.

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni

i really like the linework in the background and coloured characters in foreground, they look different but similar. plus the illustration is great except the shadows.


Beautiful artwork!


Nice design and concept, but take away the extra arms and make their "clothing" i think it is more extravagant. Make their hair a diffrent color you could do a very over the top 16th century Marie Antionette thing here.


OOOOH, those are arms... peinlich I thought they were really pointy... erm... yeah. Nice illustration

easy being green

naomi campbell isn't a dog, she's a bitch...someone had to say it


that sh*t freaks me out!!

R_G profile pic Alumni

very different eye relaxing stuff! cool


I really like the placement, and it's cute without being ridiculously cute and annoying


a little too creepy...


oddly awesome. 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$


easy being green
easy being green on Nov 16 '06
naomi campbell isn't a dog, she's a bitch...someone had to say it

and what is a female dog called?


I was totally turned off by the thumbnail... but this is absoloutely brilliant!


A BITCH!!! a female dog is called a bitch!! did i get it right?? yes
? no?

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I really like the style

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

yup - I like your work (I saw the other 2 first)


thankyou monkey... i like your art to:)

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