Life is a Terminal Disease

not true.

life is what you make of it.

it's only a terminal disease if you make it one mister.

anyway...pretty text.

Watch this
deepspacemonkey profile pic Alumni

Very nice design, but lose the emo outlook on life. Listen to some 80's pop and lighten up.


it's like ornamental wheel of fortune.


to "apocalypse...okaythen" -

No matter how happy you are or how great your life is, you still eventually die. Life eventually kills you, and that's what makes it a terminal disease.

ps - $5


I agree with deep space monkey I love the design, but the words and message are a complete down words look at everything. If it was another message, it would be great.


I get it, Life is a terminal disease.
We all get it. It's simply whether or not you want that scrawled across your t-shirt. As said though, to each their own. I personally would rather simply knowing that death exists rather than having the message stamped across my chest.


nice design, but a bit too emo.


haah deep sea monkey: thats the best advice ever.

the shirt is very detailed and nicely done


.... An attempt to avoid the slogan contest? This feels more like a type tee to me...


the design seems too rectangular.... i know thats the point, but still


ha. i love how all "goth" steriotypes go onto being "emo" now.
people are dumb.

but this is a sad thing.

i like it though. 5$


Looks like a round of "Wheel of Fortune" meant to counter any happiness the winner has.


Well, in the ultimate sense, life is a terminal disease... living causes death. Sort of.


"In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." I guess Benjamin Franklin was emo?


i like this design, and if people don't like the message, maybe they aren't thinking hard enough. just kidding, i'm not trying to rile anyone up!

i like it, but maybe more colour? or on a coloured shirt? b/w is just too boring.

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