"Transit" or "one of these days..."

Thought I'd do an illustrated t about the loneliness of a daily commute using some krazy kat style color palates. One of these days... we wont have to commute alone.

Watch this

As cpdesign. It's a great illustration, you just need to find a way to make it blend in without restricting it to a frame.


it's a nice picture, but it's not for a t shirt . . . .


I agree with cpdesign :) otherwise, nice design

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Typically, I'd agree with framing. And this might work well without one. BUT here it's not bothering me as it feels like a tourist snapshot and I think it works. You have really great linework and I'm enjoying the small details (I have a hoody that says ZERO, too!) but I have to ask....did you mean to make the lady look like Hilary Clinton?


omgomgomg!!!!!!! i was just about to say, the girl looks like hilary clinton, and then i saw mezo's comment!

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great illustration and colors


i love public transportation!! bout time someone made a metro shirt....however, i wish there were more color options. it looks great on orange, but i bet it would look nice on burgundy, or even brown tones. 5 either way


wow, you did so much depth, even with the color description. 5


really nice design, great detail. The box bothers me though, T-shirts in a box look like those shirts you get printed at some kiosk in the mall.


the framing lends itself to this design... great detail & colour palate... nice work.


great illustration- hate the box


I like the box. The design is fab fab

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cool I like it like it is

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

hmmm... its a GGGGreat illustration says tony the tiger!
but i dont think tshirts look nice with a box printed on them, reminds me of iron-ons and people that print off a family portrait for their family reunions and stick them on shirts... i think you are selling yourself short and could find some way to get rid of the box


great, but remove the marquee, blend the design with the tee


why are Hillary Clinton and Joe VW on the subway together?


Awesome design, really, but the box kills it.


I love it...but the box does kinda kill it....


I like this. Too bad I hate orange. :D otherwise pretty good...not such a fan of the box either.


I don't have a problem with the window: it creates a juxtaposition between an illustation and a photo. I love the monochromatic pallete. Killer! $5


I like it, i dated a guy once that looked like that


I like the colour of the design. I'm not sure about the colour of the shirt... I'm not sure I would wear an orange shirt.

But I love this design. You've captured your concept brilliantly. Everything about this reminds me of my daily commute on my local train. I even look like the guy in the design. The colour of the design is just perfect... is it me, or are all trains that colour? The framing is a good idea - I mean, a train carriage is just a long box isn't it. But I like the idea of look through a window instead of just a rectangle frame.

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looks like the district line


is that the L in chicago?


that looks like the dude who can chage the time and stuff on that show heroes


AAAAah , that box.. hurting.. my.. eyes..
Wicked illustration though


nice draw, it dont think it fits on shirt dough.




Looks like 'one of those days' instead of 'one of these days'!


i love this. and i love the box. i think it looks cool.

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I like the illustration, but that box is just... egad. If you're going to use a box... maybe be a little more fancy about it? Like not just some rectangle, but you could make it look like a subway window, or ... I dunno, maybe not have a box at all.

In any case, the idea and execution is great!


..it needs to blend in more somehow..otherwise i love it.


great design, awesome colors, but not so much loving the box.

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