guitars are for rockstars

No colour? :(

Watch this

I find it great without colours :p


cheep up emo...oh...the competition is over.


basta emokids! niente di personale: non li sopporto piĆ¹!


nice drawing but i wish he was facing the other way. right now he's a lefty and it doesn't look like it's on purpose (maybe b/c the flipped one is standing right next to it.) perhaps you're a left handed guitarist and if so great but it really just looks like an accident right now


for the shirt placement, the guitar would look better f it was facing the outside and he was facing inside... like it in the corner tho


i'm not sure if you could pull off the fact that he's wearing a my chemical romance shirt. that would probably cause some legal mumbo jumbo.


i love this. i think it's so moody and cool! 5$


yeah make him face the other way or put him on the right side. even some lefty's play guitar right handed. (me)


He looks like Bill Kaulitz :s
But i like your design, although the grey color should also be somewhere in the image.

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