Kiko Plays Put-Put

My father's dog is a regular Tiger Woods. The text is not part of the image - just the title. Kelly Green is my favorite option for shirt color, which is why I chose it for the background, but other colors could work as well. Kiko is extremely energetic and once jumped from the ground into my face, giving me a bloody lip. For this, I pay homage to her with a shirt. Feedback appreciated.

Watch this

It's putt-putt, dude, not put-put.


She's a girl, dude, not a dude.


Although your design is based on a real putter with pink grip and pink head I still prefer a different color than pink. Those dogs are soooo energetic, they love jumping on people, and a few like to nibble harder than people expect. But they sure do look so cute on a t-shirt !


I'll change the title to Puttttt-Puttttttttttt. Title really isn't the important part. What do other people think of the pink?

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maybe tone it down a little bit? it's not the pink i mind - it's just a little too saturated so looks a bit funky.


I love it, bright pink and all. Maybe it's just because I'm owned by a Boston Terrier, but... $5


lol i like it you Putttttt-Putttttttttt design :p


(I like it on grey)


love the pink, but i'm curious as to how this design would work on a black shirt. really cute drawing, definitely a 5


so cute. yet somehow reminding me of paris hilton. dont ask why. but it scares me.


Does Paris play golf with her teeth? Or is it that her skin is a black and white pattern?


i got a fat lip from a boston terrier once too!


The pink on the handle looks cool against the black and white of the dog. The other pinks are not working, for me anyway.


I love it about as much as I love... well ... MINNITURE GOLF (yes I know I spelled that wrong)


I actually liked the pink, I think you chose your colors well done, maybe it is not the favorite of everyone but I think it works great

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