C'est pas grave non?

  • by gameraa
  • posted Nov 06, 2006

C'est pas grave, non?

Illustration by Luisa Montalto

Watch this

Is it not serious?

i think


It's french. "C'est pas grave, non?" means "It's not so serious, isn't it?" Take it easy.


its only serious when you have 5 fish swimming in your quickly pooling blood, 4 is fine. No worries


pretty cool.
bad taste? you don't have sense of humor




No nude prepubescents on a shirt for me. I like your style just not this design


the pooling blood may indicate she isnt prepubescent :p


Nasty all the way around. It's a child committing suicide naked. Lovely. 0.

mighty moody mut

good one but i do not like the typefont, it is so common…
try on 3.

Devil Dancer

The fish throw this for me. Otherwise I really appreciate the audacity of the design. It's a challenging piece to view and interpret, unlike most of the subs on here.

Not the best T-Shirt ever... 4/5


yeah i like it minus those fish.


The fish are coming out of her, there's one dripping from the wrist. And maybe its just a chick with small boobs, not a child. I personally wouldn't wear it, but I do find it interesting.


Why celebrate slit wristed naked little girls? No $ for you! Oh yeah, be nice! Thanks for participating.


Hey friends!!! This is crazy Chiaretta from Padova were you guys used to lived, were me and Cris used to fill out Cosmopolitan tests together.
It's a pretty cool shirt but I wouldn't wear it since I'm awfully afraid of blod!!! I miss you guys and hope to meet you soon maybe Roma cittĂ  apera. So keep in touch....and btw, no more Divani & fucking Divani, I got a real job now and is a f** cool one. I work as creative assistant at www.skillmedia.com. I write commercial for the radio!!! It so much fun!!!
Last but not leat...Cris, yesterday I was at the mexican restaurant...remember what happened because you md me laugh!?!
Take care kids, I love you!

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