Betrayed By Love

  • by Qulayre
  • posted Nov 06, 2006

This design would also go well on Classic Pink and Sage.

Watch this

Pretty, but who in their right mind would wear it.


This is really really really pretty. But I echo BanjoNinja - nobody wants to wear a shirt that says "cuckold" on it. nor does the flowery background make any sense with that word. I strongly encourage you to find some other more appropriate word or phrase to write using these letters and design and re-submit because they're beautiful!


Cafecalavera--"cuckold" is a term for cheating on one's spouse.


I am going to reiterate what was said above: pretty design, terrible terrible word. The word killed it for me.


well, as a verb it would be cheating on a spouse. As a noun it would be the cheated spouse. So this is either mean advice, or a declaration of being mistreated...


Cuckold speficcally refers to the man that is c heated o0n at least according to th eindex at the back of my chaucer book
But i think it goes well with the Millers Tale(Or whichever tale as the oxford professor being cheated on)
Fortunately i haave never been cheated on so i give a 5 not a 5$


I do understand what the term means; it was purposeful.
Would changing the word and resubmitting the design even be an option?
Wouldn't it be too similar to my first submission?
I'm not entirely sure, because it's my first try.


beautiful design; wouldn't wear the word. very well done though.

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