intelligent bookshelf design

  • by nickv
  • posted Nov 06, 2006

List of the titles please?

Watch this
  1. Charles Darwin The Origin of Species
  2. Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany's
  3. Nietszche Beyond Good and Evil
  4. The OC Viewing Companion Volume 1
  5. The Oc Viewing Companion Volume 2
    6, Melville Moby Dick

Clever...not crazy about the bookends though.

Wonko _The_Sane

the bookends are funny but the idea needs a little bit of work.


hahaha good.
make the titles more relevant to the design.
and maybe some better fonts?

thats the best use of those mudflap girls i've seen to date though.


It's funny with the classics, but why the OC Viewing Companion?


Great concept, but it looks unfinished.


ditch the OC & put some shakespeare & then u've got a winner


ditch the classics and put in more TV Guides and you've got a winner.


anything with at least a boobie shape is a $5 for me soo.... $5!!!!!!!!

Alice Russel-Wallace

What you need here is to have the girls reading books. Sexy, geeky, reading girls are alway very cool!


GREAT shirt title--and great idea.

Andy Pandy

Ditch the OC Dompliations....


first off, no girl is going to wear this. sencondly, no girl is going repsect a guy who wears this, so sorry bud, you dont get my vote and i think alot of girls wil pass too

mezo profile pic Alumni

I'm a girl and I laughed. It's a damn funny concept; you have the stereotypical and sexist lady silhoette logo that's usually resevered for mudflaps or trucker hats. Matched with classic novels with titles such as 'Moby Dick'. HA. I get it! That said, I think your colors are horrible. And the lady logo, though important to the design, is probably copyrighted so....maybe try this concept again but with a different lady silhoette? Perhaps you could recreate one of your own and have her actually LOOK like 3D book ends? Then you could make the books look 3D too. I think that'd help your design; visually.

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