Boney face

I made this into an iron-on transfer and it looks pretty boss on a shirt. There are a ridiculous amount of color options, size options, combos, etc - but I like the design super big on natural and smaller on burgandy. Hee hee heart nose.

Watch this

And yea, I know - skulls. Ah well! P.S. text optional


I'd totally buy this for my sister!


AHHH I love it in a sketchy kind of adorable way! and I'd have to agree with the Wizo, I totaly buy this for her sister too


this shirt is so cute and awesome!


i heart this shirt very much!


i heart this $5. No text


cute but a little edgy,,, if I wore this shirt out, everyone would want it too... not the same out shirt,,, fun


without text! 5. (if you resubmit one without the text, ill give it a $5!)


Text is optional - money five me now! hee hee. Thanks, though!



simple and nice.


i like... esp the smaller option... text included


Now I know what a skull would look like if it were on my abdomen! 5monies!


^^ exactly. Waay to simplistic for a submission. Sometimes less is more but this isnt the case here.


Vlad, do you ever have anything nice to say? The point is simple. The point So if there was more in the drawing, it wouldn't be what I wanted to put on a shirt. I don't know if that made any sense.

Momo Muffins

i like it, text is ok, but i like it w/o text. uber cute on the blue $5


I like the style of little logo skull thing, but i'd like to see more stuff going on, in the sam style of course.

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