• by seijikun
  • posted Nov 02, 2006

yay first comment! interesting shirt, i like it though

Watch this

errm... despite the fact that i like the color choices... i just don't get it.


i love it, i'd buy it. i'd wear it :-)


i don't get it, but it would look neato on black


i like it. I think it needs more swirly thingys ya know like maybe one up the back or something. nothing to guady


i really like this. its a wicked design


I love the placement and the color choices here.


The blue on blue is an awesome colour choice. I just don't like the design.

Skull Epic

not sure what its all about, but its cool none the less. I think some more swirly things on the other side or top (like in the background image) might balance the design a little more throughout the entire shirt.


i'm not sure what i'm looking at, but i like the colors. I've always been partial to light blue on dark blue.


First thing that came to my mind was bullfighter. I think I'd dig it on a brown shirt, myself, but jah, very ginchy. 5


the brown background makes it look cool, but that's the part that isn't on the shirt. 3

MeLa de Gypsie

I can't activate the "But It Now" for some reason.

But this has $5


I think it is beautiful but I do not understand it.


for some reason it reminds me of scrubs when he dresses up as the giant doctor.


Fray Antón de Montesinos is the priest who protested Spanish treatment of the natives in Santo Domingo. His famous speach against native mistreatment was the "Ego vox clamantis in deserto".


i am a loud voice in a desert. something like that. although deserto might not have anything to do with deserts. it might be something about being alone.

they talk about a character based on him in isobel allende's version of zorro.

great design, but i don't wear shirts with priests on em not matter how cool they were


I like the color on the right.


Great shirt on white, doesn't have to mean anything!


Heh, unfortunately, I really, really like it on the brown design that you used in the back. :)
I'd buy it if it was on a brown shirt...


cool design, but i don't understand what is obscuring the shouting man.....oh well. nice nonetheless

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