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  • by BradLand2
  • posted Oct 31, 2006

i think this is bigger than the competition guidelines allow

Watch this

Why would they accept it for judging only to reject it from printing? Well, I sort of agree..I have a design that should of been rejected and I'm thinking of a way to get it removed so i can properly submit like a normal human being with dignity!


i would absoutely rock that!!
in both red and black too!
if it got printed that big, it'd look amazing


This design is awesome. Such a great idea.


It does seem too big, but very cool.


Hey, cheerz for the comments everyone. Tbf, i didn't know about the size limits but this is probs the only way it would work well... wanted to go for the impact. Anyways, cheerz again


yay for this shirt! i would wear it in both colors


man. this is just like my slogan.


It reminds me of the outfits My Chemical Romance are wearing now with their new album.

Good job!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Size limit is 16x16 inches.

easy being green

I say make it as big as possible and I'd wear it with pride.


I love this!!!! Of course, I secretly wish I was British, so perhaps that helps.


i dont get it, mmm.. no.


I like it, but It makes me think of Michael Jackson.

Ghost in the Ears

This is a really popular concept right now. I wouldn't wear it, but popular is what sells.

Tom law

i wouldn't wear it - 2


agreed, this is SO black parade, which drew me to it atfirst.
but i'll say it again, i hope this wins, because i'd buy it in both colours.

this would look SO GOOD on.
big designs rule.

good work.


i dig it, i'm not sure if i'd wear it as a t-shirt but it's def got the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's feel as well as the Black Parade (inspired by Sgt Pepper nonetheless). nice and simple, good work!


N0 - 0


what the fuck?>????? t shirts arent supposed to be confusing you dumbass


It wouldn't look the same on print.


Awesome idea, think its too big for guidelines but it work well. If your english you'll know what i mean when i say 'kasabian'!! nice touch with the dfferet colours though linking it to my chem'. maybe work on this style if it doesn't work out this time.


this was a shame mate, i could imagine it working well as a threadless tee. maybe it was just the wrong time or something because now we're gettin shirts like the jacko one

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