Baby Don´t Lie

She said I'm leaving

She can't take the pain

It's hard to continue this love, it ain't the same

Can't forget the things that I've done inside her


Too many lies committed too many games

She feeling like a fool getting on the last train

Trying to maintain but the feeling won't change

I'm sorry for the things that I've done and what I


Caught up in living my life in the fast lane

Blinded by lights, cameras, you know the fame

I don't know the reason why I did these things.

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nipppppplllllllle... 2.

Joe Harding

nice but wat does it do with nipples?


Nice job !


nice poem and illo... but nipples don't do it for me

herky profile pic Alumni

beautiful illo and colors.


Too much cleavage & nipple for me too... I'd buy it for my boyfriend other than that though; I really like the style of the design.


i love the shirt, i would totally buy it... but... it has a nipple showing and so i would get yelled at at school for it

chopanier profile pic Alumni

I think the illustration is beautiful. The nipple it's not the first thing you notice, you can barely see it. I would wear it in a heartbeat. $5


unnecessary nippage :(


kick ass - just enough nipple


It makes me laugh how up in arms people get over a nipple in a drawing...grow up. This gets a 2 though, because the face doesn't look right.


nice illustration, though i agree the face needs work...
i wouldn't wear it with the nipple though...


the nip doesn't bother me. its subtle enough


That nipple...


lose the tattoos - ABSOLUTELY lose the barcode tattoo. and yeah, maybe cover the nipple. I can't imagine wearing it without getting a ton of hassle over the nipple


i wish i could score this higher because of good artwork but the nipple is terrible


It's beautiful, but i myself couldn't wear it anywhere with that nipple yo.


it's a great illustration - couldn't wear it because of the nipple, but i won't hold that against you when scoring!


keep the tats, they look great. the nip would keep me from wearing this, though. still, excelent illustration.


i have nipples. and therefore, no qualms about having a shirt over them, which also happens to depict a nipple or two. this is not a design in bad taste, it is well drawn and executed, and i don't think that a simple aspect of human anatomy should take the attention away from that. 5$


I completely agree with Galwaygrrl.


i'd buy it, but without the nipple. i have more than enough nipples already, no need to add one more xp

Spaceman Spiff

I like how the design flows over the shoulder, and its quite beautiful. Also everyone else is doing it: Nipple.

Pink Apple

What is everyone's freaking issue with nipples! Everyone has them. They don't bite. Accept the human form, people. (Deep breath). It's a very pretty illustration and I'd happily wear it.


You're scaring me! what's wrong with the nipple??You should come to our beaches they are full of nipples hahaa, you don't notice anymore.

About the shirt... not my style, but nice.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Yeah I agree with Pink Apple. What the fuck is wrong with nipples? It's not rocket science people. Geez.

And oh, great job on the illustration but I think it's best as a tattoo.


All the up in arms over a nipple reminds me of the one Seinfeld where Elaine's nipple was showing in the Christmas photo. Good solid design.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

The nipple is just another part of the body, no different then the lips, eyes and hair. They were created for function, you shouldn't really care, its natural.

empiricist profile pic Alumni


bootless maundy

balanced well.
and the nipple is so not an issue.


The nipple just isn't necessary.

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