1886 X-Games

1886 X-Games. The letters blurred a bit when I shrunk the design down to fit the template, but in the acutal design they're fine.

Watch this

I would definitely buy this for my boyfriend... he's all about the exteme games ;)


I would like this design better if it stood out just a bit more - as it is, it seems like it might be difficult to see.

Neon Radio

Wow, very interesting design.
I'd probably buy it.


on the shirt, i don't think the words look very good.
maybe make "extreme gaming championship" just one line?
i might revise the wording a little too.
but i like the idea and picture a LOT. 4.


I'd love to see it put together a bit more-- right now the man/bike and the title seem like completely separate elements. But I'm laughing so hard at the concept, I absolutely love it.


:D haha! Really great!


"extreme gaming championship"???
change to "Extreme BMX"


if the image was bigger i might consider buying it


I like the retro style of it.


imagery is good...text needs work.


Agreeing the the comments about the text...Make it stand out more it makes people understand what the picture is.


no text at all! i'd buy that

Harry Buddha Palm

I thought "Extreme Gaming Championship" sounded more old-timey. After I submitted it the design, I thought about adding some designs on both sides of the title to make it a bit fancier. I also had the idea to add a sponsorship logo at the bottom, but instead of Pepsi or McDonald's or something, it was a Doctor's nerve tonic. After I drew up the logo, though, I didn't think it really worked that well. It was too big and I didn't know if people would get the satire or not, so I left it out.


Even though this is "stolen", I'd definitely buy this. $5


Nice. Though would be better without the text.

Ms Mashed

nice design - would prefer it without the text.


Totally reminds me of the website Married to the Sea.

Hilarious. I'd totally wear it.


I didn't read all the comments, so sorry if this was suggested, but I think, with that shirt color, you could get away with a black print, and still maintain that older feel.


ps - plastictaxicab, he totally stole your design and made it about 100 times better. Yours is totally not cutting it. Not to say this one is particularly great though.

Harry Buddha Palm

I didn't steal your design, it's a coincidence. I could go into great detail about how I got the idea, but since plastictaxicab probably won't even read it, I won't bother. I will say that while trying to find a picture of the "penny-farthing" bike, I read that Jackass 2 has a scene were they do tricks on one, so I thought someone would probably beat me to it and if so, then my design won't get approved. When I get an idea, I don't check to see if someone has done it yet, I just do it with the assumption that if I've been beaten to the punch, it won't get cleared, but apparently that isn't the case. And, I'm sure there's been hundreds of people that have drawn something along the same line.

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