Secret Message

A secret message for all the right reasons.

Watch this

lets make and hem out?

i like the idea... work on the execution. 3 for now.

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I like this idea. I have to admit, I didn't get it at first. I think because the hands aren't completely covering the words, so I saw "lets make b-hem out. Then I got it. I think you should take the hands out of the design completely, and just include an image of someone covering the letters (as an example). I like it being a completely random statement, and the only way people get it is for the person wearing it to cover the words. Clever.


:D that is really cute and clever. and i like the blue on orange.

DRA Studio

Since I didn't want the dotted hands too big, I was actually thinking the best way to sell this would be to have a picture next to it of someone "showing" the secret message.


The dotted hands do need to be bigger; nobody's going to get it the way it is now unless you actually put your hands on your chest ... and who wants to walk around doing that all day?


It looks like "let's make out" when you cover the right words.


^that's what i read

but i completely understood a moment later



i was gonna say let's make out, but y'all beat me to it... a pic of you with your hands covering it would be cool


yeha i deff didnt get it at first...if they hands were bigger it would be better.


but still, if you put your hands there, if you are trying to say 'lets make out' the them is still not covered up all the way. So yeah, I agree that if there was a picture of someone doing the covering, it would be better


Clever! but I think bigger hands would be better as well. I was trying to use the uncovered letters from "and" and "them" to make more of a message


It's cool but needs some minor changing.


Make the hands fit, I'd hate to have to explain to every person I run into what it means.


now that i get it i love it. great conversation starter, i think :) $5


oh, i get it.

it would be better bigger.
but then it would be touching my boobs.

DRA Studio

Somebody mentioned that to me ... if a girl wore it, guys could use their own hands to "display" the secret message. :)


hhah wow I'm out of it... am I the only one who thought the dotted hands were dotted outlines of poop? Hence "brownies"?

DRA Studio

I think I might have to say that you are used to some funny looking poop ... though I guess it kinda, a little bit looks like it.


I think you should make the hands bigger. And coffeesoup makes me laugh.


This is awesome. I want one! 5

The Ending

yeh good ideas, needs to cover up 'them' more


i'm all for putting my hands on strangers chests.


i agree with taking the dotted lines out or make them bigger...


greeeeat! but make the hands bigger.


It might be just a smidgen clearer (perhaps too clear?) if the "Let's make out" and the "brownies and take them" were in slightly different colors. Or maybe not, I'm not sure.

DRA Studio

I had tried/thought about that, SallyDammerung, but someone said that it might make the secret message not so secret and make it stand out too much.


Oh man, I LOVE the colors... seriously, that's probably the only reason this isn't getting a weak vote.

Yum tangerine.


i would make out with a guy with this shirt on


4$. Make the hands bigger :X I kept trying to take out the letters that were ONLY in the hand.

Heavenly Devil

5$ with the bigger hands or with nothing because everyone buying it would get it and know what to do.


I had to look at this a long time before I got it. But now that I do, I think it's funny. But it seems the length of time for me to find the humor is a drawback.


sort the hands out a little - $5


This shirt would make for an awesome ice-breaker!


bigger, life-size hands & you have a winner.


i get it with the little hands....and i love it!


You buy a shirt and you get a gimmick out of it to. Great it is funny. Very oroginal


someone please explain i really dont get it or like i think i do but im not too sure

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