Emo Coaster

  • by DinoMike
  • posted Oct 29, 2006

Here's my design for the Patent Pending "Cheer Up Emo Kid" contest. I hope everyone likes what I've come up with, I tried to make it a fun design as I didn't want it to be too emo (if that makes any sense!). As always, comments are welcome. Thanks!

Watch this

Perfect shirt for everyone that listens to rock music.


this is really nice. love it. and wouldn't mind wearing it. $5

Devil Dancer

Funny. The Emo kid looks like he has a Hitler haircut.


haha, i love this too!


haha! perfect...


it's great. i laughed. out loud. $5!


and its true. :)

"I say F*CK YOU, Cus I'm emo" says some kid at school. How intelligent aye?!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

One of the very, VERY few designs i have enjoyed or would even consider wearing out of this contest (this and "Scr-emo" pretty much sums it up). One suggestion- have the roller coaster trcks come off the shoulder onto the shirt; i think it would flow better and be a more interesting placement choice. Great take on the contest!


Ooo pretty! I love red t shirts and I wouldn't have thought red and orange could work so well together but you totally make it work. Really interesting approach to the brief, avioding obvious Emo-ness. Would so wear it. Now, please...


just loved it! simple and fun 5$


rofl. I like this one, because you can totally tell he's an emo kid. i dig.


perhaps the tracks could come off the shirt at the bottom. regardless, a great design. $5


This made me laugh... all the other ones didn't


cool design but i wouldnt buy it in a million years.. i dont lika any of these 'emo' shirts


god, how hilarious!

Ghost in the Ears

Once again.....EMO is dead. Weather it be fore the contest or not.
Anything emo related soon will follow.


ok...this is like the nineteenth emo shirt that I have seen in a row

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