Funny weekend

  • by rdes
  • posted Oct 27, 2006

Mondays can bring funny conversations

Watch this

why are they standing on their tiptoes? you're going to hear about copying and pasting.

bootless maundy

their shoes sort of blend into their shadows...i was confused for about a .01 of a second...can u fix that?


yea... those shadows bother me, and 'funny weekend' sounds wierd to me... maybe 'fun weekend?' sor somethin?
i dunno, other than that, i like it


i read yeah before dunny weekend

chisafer profile pic Alumni

dunny... hahaha.

well, here are my suggestions. Take out the floor and shadows all together. therefore leaving you with just the 4 guys and speech bubbles. Change the "Funny weekend?" to "Fun weekend?". And finally, (don't take this the wrong way), but maybe you only need two of the guys.

I meant that nicely. just take it into consideration and do with it what you please. I like the idea though.


i agree. i like it, but lose the floor and change the font!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I'm with everyone else.
This has potential, but it's not there yet. Good concept


Hey! Thank you all for your suggestions. I agree with you, I should change the floor and font. I don't know how this site works, i'm new here, may I fix it and repost it? Thank you guys!


Yeah, it might work with just "good weekend?" too. I can picture them all in an elevator or something


this has great potential. the guys need the be just a touch more interesting. They are a little too much like gray blobs. I know we are supposed to focus on the tie, but right now the men are SO drab its almost distracting


no orange flooorrrrrrr

Simply_ Lovely

Wonderful idea, and i agree about the floor and the shadows. Very nice though. :]


if you're going to go with this, perhaps have the conversation go from left to right. it's a little jarring to encounter 'yeah' first and then see the 'fun weekend'


the shadows look like the ninja turtles? am i supposed to be thinking that?


^ Ditto to cheezeebread. And whoever said to lose the extra dudes and the shadows. Maybe have them facing each other. It's a good idea, just needs some cleaning up perhaps.


only three of them in the elevator. still 5$ it's a big idea so


"fun weekend" before "yeah" ...great suggestion!!!! it!! really brilliant monday feeling....maybe you should mark the outlines a little more...just my opinion :D


i like the idea, but maybe less copy and paste. but boy did i have a funny weekend. 4


I would like to see it with no speech bubbles at all. It would be more open to interepretation-- maybe he had a funny weekend, or maybe he's just a nonconformist in a crowd of clones...I agree with everyone that it's a great concept.


hah awesome , love the idea , but the oirnage is just ion the way , as everyone said already


the angle of the floor and the feet doesn't work...


Take out the speech bubbles completely.


yeah..and the placing of the feet on the floor is kind of off...but it's still pretty cool

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