A Once Bright Future...

Whoa, I love this a lot. I've been looking for good red shirts, for some reason there aren't many. Good job!

Watch this
one little one

it's cute i like it! what if the lightbulb was in a further corner where the light can't reach him?


Aww that's so sad. :(

I'd wear it.


Ohhhh, so cute 'n so sad! ;-( But so well done! I'd definately wear that! $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

I like some of the touches, like the differences in line color where the light & shadows are. However, inanimate objects with a face kill it for me.


awwwwwww. Creative - different. I likey likes


Thank god, something NEW! & it's so cute ^_^ $5

Shady Lane

Now i'm really depressed. Thanks. No seriously thanks.

Think on...


love the colours! Nice one.


i agree with the previous comment, i feel empathy towards the homeless lil' bulb..


you don't need the sign....
wait. I just had an idea.
Use a street light illuminating the corner of an alley.
There's a dumpster.
Laying next to the dumpster is the homeless bulb.
I don't know.
It just flashes like thunder and bolts into my brain.
I love you all.

Great shirt.
It makes me think.


I love this! MUST HAVE IT! So creative!


yes! buy buy buy - people of the world unite and buy! 5$

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