Live Life

I like it.

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i dont like the placement of "life is too short" but other than that i love it.

Ron Howard

good concept. luv it


while i like this message, i think this shirt would be awesome with no text and just the tree branch.


another vote for no text (or make it much more subtle)


I like it the way it is.


i like it with the text.


Great Idea 5. Would be a $5 if Text "Life is too short" was smaller or maybe a diff. placement like ^up above suggested.


I'm a text fan if it works with the design. Try to make the text float and curve with the branches and then you've got a winner.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i love your colour choice and as Jdiehm11 suggested, i agreed if your text float nicely and curve into the branches, will be SUPER perfect! love it, and 5 for me!


These colors are great. I'd like it best if you remove "life is too short" and change 'Live' to 'Life.' Seems to still get the message across that way. Less words for this one.


This would be awesome on a hoodie....a green one...or dark solid gray...

one little one

just the tree branch? =) OR maybe the words could be "fallen" in a big pile on the opposite bottom corner


I'd keep the "LIVE" just the way it is, and make the "life is too short" smaller and more subtle.
Awesome design tho! Great colors. Would def buy it.!


Love the shirt, I just don't like how the "Life is too short" part blends into the leaves. Nice job.


This is great, really awesome :D Love the leaves :D Great combination of colours.

exploding boy
exploding boy profile pic Alumni

hey everyone :) thanks so far for the constructive comments. I wrestled for a while trying to get the right composition for the design and placement and im still not sure if i got it right. I decided to leave the top left type where it is just because i wanted to keep a quirky and original look to the overall design. Ooh and i like it on creme too (just found out they did it) :o)

Alex M. Solefish

This is pretty beautiful. I like the placement, and, yes, the size of the words. I'd take it as is.


great. as for the text "live"=good, "life is to short" = unescessary...


5$!!!!!!!!! Don't change a thing. Print!!


with no text it's just another tree design. i like the "live" but i wish the "life is too short" was handled differently.


I would love if the 'Life is too short' was on the back, just under the collar? Kind of a hidden message then, and less obvious. But this is so much love.


Just another tree design perhaps... but a STUNNING one!! I love your branches. WIth no text I would buy it instantly. If you're going to use the text, make it WAY more subtle... either small and at the bottom, or on the back under the collar.


Lovely colours, but its a bit of a cliché.


really really great, love the colours and the font you used


Love the tree/leaf design, like the life is too short too, if it didnt have the "live" id buy it, 5


Very nice. I agree with your decision to keep the text where it is. It really is crucial to the overall shape/balance.

.onion profile pic Alumni

I wish for a different font.


It reminds me of American Eagle Clothes. And I don't like that store.


with the text reminds me too much of american eagle. maybe in a different font?


it makes me sad that people are saying bad things, because this on natural would probably be my favorite shirt ever.

exploding boy
exploding boy profile pic Alumni

Thanks alot to everyone for their nice comments and/or constuctive criticism so far :0)

As far as the american eagle comparisons go, i'd never even heard of them but i checked it out anyway and personally can't see even a slight rememblance between this and any of their shirts.

wild bill

your right the is NO resemblance


This is beautiful - I love how you've made the leaves look so crackly and the twigs so ... well .... twiggy! ;-D And it's so autumnal and poignant (I love the bitter sweetness of autumn). I'd wear it just as it is, text, font, colours, placement and all :-)) Congrats on a beaut design, I hope it gets printed :-) $$5


this shirt is so close to perfect it makes me want to go grab my debit card. just change the "life is too short" (placement, or maybe make it smaller?) and its $5 for sure!!


Without the "life is too short" i would buy this in an instant.


I agree with everyone who suggested removing the "life is too short" part. Aside from that, nice.

Quag profile pic Alumni

I'd buy it! 5$


I love it with the text (I would be ok if you moved it just don't take it away!) I would definetly buy this! $5


fantastic just the way it is.


Keep "LIVE" and ditch "Life is too short"
I love the branch.

timrb profile pic Alumni

The design is perfect. The text is hackneyed. I would wear this if it said something more interesting.

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