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  • by driper
  • posted Oct 23, 2006

i can't see what is on the screen :(

Watch this

I'd like to see it bigger... but as is I don't like the combo of the flat tv and the vector girl, it is sort of unsettling persepective wise, but I do like the concept.

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like the concept, colours arent too hot though


Anybody ever read the ring books or seen the japanese movies? that's what this reminds me of


Make the TV more 3D.. to match the girl.. and it'd be perfect.


hehe, i love how the girl is that close..thats how close i used to sit to the tv :)


Well from my perspective it is a combanation of 2 styles which subtracts from the design, Cartoony and flat, and then a style which would be considered, uh, vectorish? If you could make the TV the vectorish (?) style you created with the girl, it would be an amazing design. And one more tip. The girl is very attached to the TV and she is kind of lurking over the TV so it looks kind of like one of the twisted perspective how the regular human eye wouldn't catch it but I have an eye for this type of stuff, and if you could back her up so she can actually see the whole screen that would be nice. But the colors you worked up are very amazing and fit perfectly with the vectorish (?) design you worked up. I can see now a RPS (Reality Puzzle Shirt) already. I'd love it if I saw the updated with my changes version of this on my friends or somebody else. I have just one question... Is there a The Ring reference to this or is this just something that popped out of the back of your brain?

ozrict two

whew...caffeine or sugar or ???


making the tv not flat would kill the entire purpose.


I was going to write something about the shirt but I forgot once I read AWorldApart's comment. I think he smoked some crack before he wrote that.

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