A Breath of Fresh Air

  • by Culto80
  • posted Oct 22, 2006

This is my first submission to Threadless. Hope everyone likes it :)

Watch this

looks tight. wouldn't he be sucking in dirt?


the flower looks too 2-D, esp when compared to the mask.

Pink Apple

I think the simplicity of the flower makes it look fresh. Interesting.


que fuerte..pero esta super nicee


Thanks for all the comments so far. I really appreciate all the people that have taken the time to comment and vote.

The simplicity of the flowers was intentional, didn't want to overdue the image. I thought it would be a good idea to have a contrast between the two styles by keeping it simple yet interesting at the same time and easy to the eye. :)


im with yourneck but still $4


hmm, still think the flower needs just a litte somehow. Guess its just me.


Very interesting and cool =)


ya thats a 5$, love it,good stuff! cant wait to wear it lol


Is that gas mask East German or Israeli? Oh, awsome shirt $5


LOL! I have no idea...found it online looking for reference. :)


i like! very interesting design. i actualy like the way the flowers are so simple when compared to the mask.


Thats funny, same concept different execution... but gas masks are an outgoing trend right now...like everythig in design and fashion...just trends. Is all about how you apply the trends and move forward with it in your own artistic style and expression. How many people use the splatter ink effect or distress look or silos of birds, skulls are everywere. Is just a design trend. People might not agree with me, but thats just me.. and thanks for letting me know :)


You're right it is almost impossible to be 100% original in these days... Oh Well, we do our best. Good luck!!


Thanks Petanca...It is...even if you try to be original other people will still try to knock off your idea. :)


i'm really enjoying how feminine the eyes are under the mask. that is the refreshing part.


The face is cool, I love gas masks but the flower ruins it for me. 5 and a buy if you get rid of the flower.


Sweet shirt. I want more Dark design over the shirt, but meh. Sweet shirt $5


This would make more sense if there were a glass cover over the plant that the tube was connected to. I don't care how fresh the dirt is, it'll get old fast. Great first sub though.


I didn't meant this design to be so scientifically correct... :) LOL Is just a simbolism... So in theory would a flower survive inside a bottle?


I have to agree with enjoi_mpls, he does look like he's sucking dirt. Perhaps put a little glass dome over the flower and attatch the tube to that?


mezo profile pic Alumni

With respect to your 'trend' argument, I have to say you did not really "move forward" with this design. Why does the gas mask have to be breathing in a daisy? How many times have we seen that exact idea laid out on a canvas? With splatters? If your concept is 'a breath of fresh air' then take it to the next level- "move forward", think outside of the box, or in this case, the trend. That said, I think the art itself is ho hum. It's not terrible, especially for a first. I dig the colors. But think the design would look a lot better if the mask was more stylistic and not so photo filter looking. It would also look better if the mask & flower looked like they belonged together instead of having 2 drastically different styles; especially with the layout, they feel detached. Also, the hose on the mask is not going inside the flower pot- but is simply stuck on top of it.


Mezo! I appreciate your comments. First of all the argument was in respect towards a comment about the gas mask and the idea not being original. I was only defending the fact that I've never seen the other design and it was pure coincidence. Second, I never said My Design was "moved forward" and i never claimed that mine was better. Daisy? what daisy?! I wasn't even thinking about a type of flower for the design. I saw it more like a representation of a flower, that's all. It was an idea I came up with and I tried to express it in my own artistic style, straight to the point and simple enough yet interesting. Third, it might be my first submission at threadless but is not my first design. I've been working as a lead graphic designer in the fashion and apparel industry for the las 4 years and your are coming across with your commments like I'm new to all of this. I also appreciate your comments on the Photofilter looking but please ask before commenting on the art process. The image was completely done in Illustrator with no Filter applied. It was put together by reference gathered online. The style of the flower vs the mask was purely intentional...and yeah some might like it and some might not, thats the way art works, but it was my decision on purpose to juxtapose both styles and create a type of contrast between the 2. Y tried to convey the message keeping it simple and not getting to the point that everythin looked so real. Less is more, in my own opinion... Did I succeed? I'm not sure, that depends on who likes or don't. As for me, I learn from my mistakes and thats what life is all about! :)


I completely agree with Culto80. I like the design. It doesn't really matter if it is following a trend or starting a new one. I just like it for what it is and the simplicity of the message without overdoing the design! Don't listen to Mezo... in my opinion her designs do not break out of the box either:D.

mezo profile pic Alumni

No, no, Culto80...when I said your design was not terrible especially for a first, I meant first submitted design HERE, on Threadless. Sorry that was not made clear enough but I did not need your resume. Thanks anyhow! And, no, you did not outright say your design was moving forward but you did imply it by saying, "is all about how you apply the trends and move forward with it". The other artist and yourself both has the same idea and, "moved forward" with it in your own ways right? As for the flower, as simplistic as it is, is in fact representative of a daisy. Lastly, about your art process: no matter what program or techniques you used the gas mask is still (as I stated earlier) photo filter looking. You can easily hand-render some vectors in AI and have it look closely like a PS filter. Anyway, this has turned into a mess and it appears you have some difficulties taking constructive crits. I didn't mean to put you off or sound like an ass; just tried to offer up some tips is all. And Puks? You are an idiot and misconstrued my point about breaking out of the box with trends.

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Also, Culto80, it appears we are national neighbors. I live in Birmingham!


LOL is all in fun! Nothing personal! I think we both misinterpreted each other. Thanks for clearing up your point...Like I said art is open to interpretation. But still you got me all wrong...What I meant by "is all about how you apply the trends and move forward with it" was that each artist ( talking in general not about me) has his own right and freedom to interpret things how they want to express themselves, even if that means following trends. So even if you think is going forward or not, probably to the artist it was at that particular point in time, and as artists we should respect that. Does it matter how an artist goes from point A to point B to create a design? To me it really doesn't. Example: Halfton Dot Technique...extremely used these days, and yet a filter and looks very good. Is all about how the artist uses the filter. Finally about constructive criticism...Im all about it! And I do undestand what your trying to say...and if indeed the different styles dont work, well thats something i'll keep in mind for the next one, and same with the other too. But please understand that the way you commented came across as you were attacking my design and misenterpreting my words and the constructive part kinda fell short because of the tone of the comments. Like I said nothing personal....complicated subject if you ask me LOL :)


Mezo, I can see you take constructive criticism very well.:D

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