Eggs Again

  • by Duchamp
  • posted Oct 20, 2006

Ok, this is minus the weird guy. It's better. It is complete eggy happiness. I don't really like eggs. One egg is no good, but 37 eggs is souperfrabtastical. Vote for complete randomness! (BTW this is animated, wait a few seconds for color option/placement and detail).

Watch this

Why is the ' am' infront of the time? Is this a European thing?

Doktor Gonzo

the hands on the clock look like they're switched, which would be 2:50 or so. Dig the random, though


why do things have to make sense always? ;P


X: the smell of just one egg makes me want to barf


I do love that Lucas Jackson, but the deisgn suffers a bit.

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