A matter of course

  • by chelly
  • posted Oct 19, 2006

ah boobage

Watch this

i dont like the pepperoni nipple, thats for sure. the rest of the design is questionable too.


I Think the chick alone would be cool


Why do I feel like I've seen that girl in other designs?


I'm trying to figure out how her nipple made it to the center of her chest.


fuck yes man, I wish ther were more titty pic here on threadless!!!!!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. What exactly is the point of having a girl's face on a tshirt, let a lone her figure? This is just weird to me. There really IS not point at all. I'm sorry to be so harsh, it isn't your fault. People have done this stuff before, and they will continue to do so. I'm just sick of it, personally.


From the eyes down at the bottom i'd leave off. It takes away from the rest of the design.


No point for boobs.


Yea the nips gotta go and um why would you want to turn upside down just so people could see the other image? questionable intentions there but i mean the designs at least interesting


the teeth at the bottom creep me out


Well, the design is pretty awesome, I think, But something is definitely off kilter with her chest--check the perspective of her chest versus the rest of her-- and the nipple is way to prominent, as others have said.


sweet! when passed out on my ass in my living room, this shirt will look like something totally different from when i was standing... sweetass!

crisco disco

im a sucker for titties. $5 just for them.




i think she looks like Madonna


Its very backwoods...i dig it


i like the upsidedown image. i doubt that is a nipple. the nipple in that pose would be much lower and to the right. its a little distracting from the rest of the artwork.


ok am I alone on this and thinking its one of the best designs I've seen? and that's not just because of the titty....which I won't lie is a +. I just think its an awesome design


i would wear the bottom half by itself, but i can't stand the top half-mainly because the girl+nipple is waaay too contrived and out of place with the rest of the nature images.

the face at the bottom is super sweet though.


a little overwhelming


i don't see how it works. there's too much going on. and i don't want to wear a boob in the middle of my chest.


the teeth and eyebrows gotta go. they ruin the whole design. other than that it looks great. (even the peperoni nipple. lol)


uhhh there's a boob on this one... 5!


great... 5

antianti smile

love how it has another turned upside down, $5


i like everything except the teeth at the bottom


The upside down face thing is the best thing about this, the rest of it I don't care for. More upside down shirts please.


dunno if this was intentional, but she looks like Zaha Hadid. kudos.


if the boobie was coverd, I'd like it. Being a girl, I would rather not have boobie on my shirt.


cheerios91 raises a valid point, women SHOULDN'T appear on shirts. really, how sexist to objectify them like that. and because we're in a equality loving society, men shouldn't be on shirts either. or faces, or hands, or smily faces. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PROTECT THE SMILY FACES.


I like the design better upside down. The girl's fine, she just doesn't really fit into this design.


i think the dentures are unnecessary, otherwise i really dig it.


I like the art nouveau/softcore pornography aesthetic.


nipps can stay snake is questionable deer and teeth def gotta go thats twisted to have with a nked girl and the snake too but that could possibly be hot so keep the snake and skull ditch the deer and dentures


You people are crazy. This design is unique, ballsy and AWESOME. It may be a bit busy, but that is easily fixable. You only think it looks lkike pepperoni because of the color - the anatomy isn't really wrong either. Have some imagination people, live a little!

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