Those Who Govern Sleep

  • by Arivel
  • posted Oct 15, 2006

I had alot of fun making this, the imagery in the spirits was based on some dream meanings I read about. There are equal amounts of death and life references shown. Sleep is a rather death like state, but it rejuvenates us and gives us energy. These spirits control her sleep and dreams. It may be more spiritual than scientific, but there are some parellels here with imagery in the movie too.

Thats about all the meaning involved, I mainly wanted to come up with something that looked really cool. Enjoy! Be honest.

Watch this

really interesting and fantastical



Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Thats some sweet illlustration there. 5


I Like This.


Very nice illustration, but I can't stop thinking of Cerebus the Aardvark.


great concept... great characters


Great design, though I get lost in the middle of it all, too much going on. Nevertheless, good job.

I. Q. Mojo

great colors, flow, depth, composition


I reminded me of the wringwraithes from LOTR.


Nice one there Kai. I really dig it. Especially since I've seen some of the original artwork.


This is gorgeous and a VERY unique design- most shirts here on Threadless don't have such a lovely level of artistic detail (while some have lots of components to the design, none of those components is usually individually detailed.) $5, and I absolutely hope this gets picked!

Tha Regicide

Great Job Kai! I like how you played off such pure elements of black and white, Life and death. It's creepy with a disturbed adult side, but has a softness and childlike feel to it. Something you'd see back in the midevel time, but with an updated anime/cartoon style. I like the Earth element, it really gives the thing life.

Cold Sea

This design is freaking awesome! $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors


Hey guys, thanks for the comments! I also really appreciate the review cheesecakebree.

I had been looking at a lot of Mucha, and some more modern concert posters with an incredible amount of linework detail before I started this.

It influenced the detail levels for sure. But thats why I made the color simple, to help even things out.


That's one of the best designs I've seen in a long time.


I love the three characters. Looks like you did put a lot of effort into it without making it looking over crowded like some tee's. 5.


I like it a loooooot. :)
I think the sheet placement looks a little funky though. I'm not being a prude but it's a little too close to the underwear and so it looks a little busy around there. maybe if it was covered up more or moved further down. whichever?


i like this design, you should re enter this as a regular shirt. so i can hopefully buy it.

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