Awaiting Tomorrowland

"My Uncle Frank says that Walt Disney was frozen in liquid nitrogen and his body is hidden under the castle."

Watch this

What's the significance of the seven fingers?


Completely tits. $5


hahahaha so funny 5$


Absolutely a $5! Very clever!


Horrible depiction of Walt, and the Mickey ears look bad.


I am a castmember at WDW and tho it is complete urban legend, I find the tee hysterical. $5


i love the idea, it's hilarious and everyone's heard the myth. but work on the design, i mean you're depicting a legendary animator do him justice.


his head is HUGE compared to his body & I'm curious about the 7 fingers, too.

the mothership

i thought he was waving and giving a peace sign. i don't know that's what i thought the 7 fingers were about. but uh why do the mickey ears look like bunny ears? are they supposed to be bunny ears? but this is a funny idea. i just don't like the way the mickey ears look.


Funny urban legend but Disney was actually cremated.

I do agree that the art (especially the ears) need a bit of work.


I am not sure what some are saying about seven fingers. He is waving and giving the peace sign. If someone could explain where they are seeing seven fingers, that would help a lot.

I tried to change the shape of the ears to accommodate any legal issues, but they could be changed to a more Mickey shape easily.

Thanks for all the input though guys.


Oh okay, I see. I thought people were seeing seven fingers on one hand. Nevermind then.

The Clam

I like it, though I wouldn't mind seeing 'Walt' shrunken down to take up less space, I don't think he needs to be so big.

Still a 5 though.


where are you people seeing "7 fingers"?

Hey Mostrico
Hey Mostrico profile pic Alumni

i cant see 7 fingers!


I thought it was Jean Chretien at first. :P

Mouse ears need some work, but nice idea.

model citizen

This is great. I heard another version where they just froze Disney's head because it was cheaper. don't know how they saw the logic in that. 5...


i like this....its cool..and yeah...i believe he is frozen somehwere waiting for that technology to be invented...its cool.


Stick Mickey in there too.. and those ears do look a little elongated.


i was watching faimly guy last night and they mentioned walt disney being frozen or something like that. i'm not sure. but that's what i thought of when i saw this :x


Would be cool if the "waving" hand was pressed up against the glass. I heard it was just his head that was frozen - not that it matters. I like this.


amazing. i like it better darker and off center. i am dreally digging the peace sign.

I am Shrimp


i had a dream i went to disney world last night

and walt disney was playing ddr

it totally scared the crap out of me


As someone who worked the Alien Encounter attraction I have to say I'm impressed with your use of XS technology. Too bad that attraction bit it. It was rad.


I love this! I'd make him look frosty though, like with icicles on him to convey the whole "frozen" idea.


Mickey ears need work...

excellent concept.

I was going to submit an idea just like this.

Weird...everything is connected.


I'd love if the fish were a bit smaller and centered more on the chest. maybe one on the front and back

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and funny concept


i like that the mikey ears don't look exactly like mikey's ears. the disney company is really touchy about that kind of thing anyway. i also heard it was his head - but its myth either way. good depiction of the dark prince.

Kevin Barrack

Awaiting lawsuit. Disney loves to sue. Nice concept and illustration though.


definetely like the black with the design more to the the graphic, good work

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