The Bird*the dream-maker

  • by yeohgh
  • posted Oct 15, 2006

I always imagine if Bird is the dream maker, that able to change Cat's dream, to make sure Cat will not catch them anymore, this definitely be the perfect solution for the birds, hahaa,,hope u all enjoy and love it!

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streetwise profile pic Alumni

awesome on a number of levels. 5$

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

this is very good, you always have a way with lines and style.
pretty original, i dont have an easy time seeing your influences.

good job

mikemills profile pic Alumni

You and yer birds - another $

panda grl

beautiful! that bird is so weird and funny.the cat's nose is a bit strange,but anyway it's a 5


wow, I like the idea and color. Cool.
Excellent job.


It kinda looks like it is levitated near the cat's torso, but other than that I really love the execution. =)


ooohh is very neat!! love offset feeling of the colors!! the cat is floating actual!? $6

manlooon profile pic Alumni

Great Idea/Execution/Colours - 5 as usual.
I like that the cat is floating, (if it's meant to be)

ozrict two

love the cat pose...


i like it a lot because my cat does that all the time and because it is amazing. I think that would look even more awesome if the design was not centered on the shirt.

Ava Adore

great! nice colours!


Is the bird levitating the cat?

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

yes, the bird is levitating the cat with her 'super nature power', so u can see the cat is floating in the air, want to add a bit of science fiction idea into it,,i thought will be cool.


i like the cat, its well done, but the bird takes away from it... :(

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

This cat is adorable.


Sorry, but try again. Next time include in the white smoke the a message. You have the right idea. But WHAT is the idea or message your trying to convey to us ? What is the Bird trying to tell the cat? with images, with text, with symbols? Almost there, just need to bring it out more with WHAT the white smoke is conveying.


Yeoh awesome sub man, this absolutely rocks. This is right on the money $5 and thadguidry what are u on about? how can u say that the image doesn't illustrate the title - I think the execution is perfect.
2 thumbs up and 5 stars :)


the drawing of the cat is really fun. not everything has to be spelled out all of the time. Sometimes weird is good for weirds sake.

Alice Russel-Wallace

I agree about subtlety in clothing: I love this T the way it is and Threadless...PLEASE PRINT THIS ONE!


I love how the cat is more realistic and the bird is cartoon-ish.
I would buy this. :D


i love your design very much, but here i don't got the idea without explanation.


like it! but i think i could like it more without the cat. the bird is just amazing... 5

graphic frost
graphic frost profile pic Alumni

cool! love the colors adn your birds!

herky profile pic Alumni

love that diabolical "mind-controlling" bird, great design and colors.

Montro profile pic Alumni

I love your work $5


i want this shirt with a passion.                          i will gladly kill 10 cows and 4 monkeys for this shirt. just don't tell the hindus.....

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

love it sooo cute. great colors too. id buy this :D

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

another $5 for you

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

the bird rules

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i heart this in a big way


i want one with just the kitty

outline profile pic Alumni

really really like this. the lines are beautiful, and great mix of reality and style. great job 5$

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