One second...

cut here, and here, and...

keep on cutting... red on white, and white on red. (works on pretty much any colour shirt though). enjoy

Watch this

this reminds me of my anatomy class... I like it.


I like it on a white shirt. Maybe a little smaller, but I can see why it's so large on the tee.


At first I thought this was for the Emo competition, but then I realized that all the organs were getting chopped, not just the heart. :) Nice job on correct organ placement, and it looks fine on the red; the cutting implements all being miniturized seems a little odd, though.


love it. very clever and original.


on white it looks very crisp. 5


i like both colors but i like the red better =)


This has been done so many times ... gave it a 5 though :p


i agree with rhineheart, but i dont get tired of them :)


After thinking about it awhile I'm guessing this design would mean a lot to those who have experienced surgery after surgery after surgery. It would be like a statement that they survived what they felt was like being in a butcher shop. Or patients just about to start a string of surgeries could wear this into the hospital to give the nurses and doctors a laugh. And a question : what are the numbers for in the design?


So bored with hearts. . .so bored.

Al Veryard

But this isn't just hearts! I love all the different cutting items, and white on red is cool (I got quite a big collection of red tees now). Good luck with this one mate. You get a $5 from me.


oo dearrrrr. :(


both colors looks good. hurts my eyes a little.


no! no! no!
no anatomy! no cut-along-the-dotted-lines! it's over!


sorry, that sounded meaner than intended. but you know, just be original, i can guarantee you this won't get anywhere.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It's good, but the color.. oh my gawd the color!!!


red on white looks approp. nip/tuck like


i like the red and the fact that it's not just a heart, but lungs, stomach, etc. not really like a surgery. more like an anatomy dissection, which is cool. i'd wear it, i give a 5 =)


I like the red on white.

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