Destroy Liars

Sea artemia are filthy liars and are neither "amazing" and barely "live".

If you look closely at the two of the tentacles on the right, they spell out "destroy liars."

Plus, everyone knows that octopuses are the true monkeys of the sea.

This t-shirt design is dedicated to everyone who was bitterly disappointed by the false promises of ads in comic books. It's also my first submission to Threadless.

PS Don't be fooled by the jagged lines in the flash file. Those babies are smooth as silk.

Watch this

Cute, I like the colors you took. The puss's tentacals are rad too.


in their defense, sm's make even the most boring of all subsequent pets (e.g. carnival goldfish) seem like the ultimate in satisfaction. nice design!


hmmm I don't really see the two of the right tentacles spelling out the words 'destroy liars'???
But I like it anyway!

ozrict two

good...i got ripped off many years ago..yes kill them...kill them

Magenta Cobra

Oh, the flash file was too crappy, that's why you can't zoom. And the "destroy liars" is more subliminal than obvious. But it's there if you stare hard enough (kind of like magic-eye). Great for people who like having strangers look at their belly for extended periods.


nice one


sickly sweet... he he he


Those poor sea monkeys... they were just pawns in an international advertising war that they could never hope to understand. Nice design, though.


I've definately seen a cartoon in my lifetime in which sea monkies were depicted in exactly the same way. Little art plaigarism there? But seriously, aside from the fact that the monkey design looks familiar, this is a nasty shirt. Great work. 4.


i like it like that!


this is great, nice first design.


yes, kill the soulless seamonkeys

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illo and colors.


Haha I like the two trying to swim away in the distance.


for some reason, when i saw this.... right off the bat i thought of two things: 1. there's something written in here.... and 2: this, i'd love to see as apiece on a wall... more than a quick throw-up, but a full-blown bombin', y'know? you do any street art, lol? no, really... do you?


When i created my first sea monkeys i thought they would be my friends and in time they would make me their king,inviting me to their magical kindom to live amongst them....this did not happen thus the magic and wonder of my childhood was destroyed, let us call upon cthulhu to consume the unmagical scum


i also was duped by sea monkeys. children are so gullible when it comes to packaging. 4

Magenta Cobra

I had no idea there was a sea monkeys cartoon (what did they do? Sit around pretending to be something they weren't for half an hour?), so unless there was an episode where they were all choked by morally-upright cephlopods, I haven't plagiarised anything. I used the ad as my reference pic.
My real inspiration came from a visit to the Melbourne Aquarium.


hahaha, i just had a conversation semi recently about how dissapointing sea monkies were. 5$ and I'd buy it, but I think it would also work well if the design was either off center or higher.


I like, but it might be nice if the graphic was higher on the chest? I'd rather have murder occuring over my heart than near my loins.


haha my first reaction was "ew!" very creepy/interesting!


When worn, this will look like a persons intestines while doubling as a decent design. 4.

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