The letter

  • by La Lupe
  • posted Oct 12, 2006

This letter is inspired by urban legend of my city, Aguas Calientes.

Watch this

get rid of the text =P


oooh, that stings. I had to write a letter like that once...




yeah a translation would be nice. i dont want to be wearing something i cant explain.


If text were lighter, fainter and less of a block, then maybe.


It's nice, the colours work well and the placement is good, but the text seems very heavy. I think part of the problem is that its meaning is sort of lost in translation.


"i don't blame anyone for my death, except you infaithful, disgraceful indecent, unhappy, good for nothing, oppourtunist, sell out, greedy, exhibitionist, ignorant, mediocre, envious, coward, spiteful, mythomaniacal, fake, abuseful, evil in me and bad seed.
I go to the happy rope, just so that i wont see you, and that you live the shitty life you deserve."

yep, pretty spooky spiders.



I love it. MUST PRINT!


Too much text...


yeesh, the text is what makes it. otherwise its just ANOTHER freaking skull. But I could go w/ the text a little bit lighter, as someone said.


felicidades Lupe, I will print right away, the armony of text and skull, the meaning of the text and the concept "urgan legend" is very freak and very creative. I like it $5$5$5


I would really like this if it came in another translation.
Like german or french.
& if it didn't have skull.


I think it's great, but I'd prefer it if the text wasn't so set out in a block. Still $5 though

midnite sun

i like it alot, but can you please explain where this text in context in the urban legend?


Exelente, chingonsísima.

Im not polonesian

too much reading! i would fall aslepp after the frist line. ja-heeze

La Lupe

Hello to all, I will try a translation more or less faithful of the letter stamped in my t-shirt: "i don't blame anyone for my death, except you ,unfaithful, disgraceful unappreciative, indecent, unhappy, good for nothing, opportunistic, sold, miserly, exhibitionist, ignorant, mediocre, envious, badly situated, cowardly, spiteful, mythomaniac, false, selfish, bad bowles and worse seed. I deliver me to gallows pole, happy only by see you not again, that go you so badly in the life as you deserve. Bye."
This urban legend of my city refers a woman that, married by its father by force with a brutal police official, decides to flee pretending its suicide and killing her husband. The husband arrives at the house, he sees it hanging of the gallows pole, he reads the letter and, instead of descending his body, he sits down to eat the supper that the woman left him prepared: the food was poisoned and while the husband agonizes in the kitchen, she "descends" of the fake gallows pole, she collects something of clothes and she escapes from the city at dawn.

For a very long time I inspire me in the urban legends as motive for my work. Certain or not, this story, the concept of suicidal letter full of ofensive words attracted me, recalling me the latinamerican tradition of the "bolero ', melodramatic popular musical , kind of the christian drama and to the passion of the afrolatinamerican religions. The urban (and rural) legends and the rumors constitute the underground of the cultural identity of a town and they lodge in the shadow of the unconscious collective one. I have reinvented the supposed letter -- all they know to a "known" of "someone" that has it read -- to introduce it in several of my paintings and in a pair of my "objects" ,in part "EX VOTO" religious, in part the mexican popular toy and box sculpture.


that's a great idea... not sure if it translates to sold out shirts, but good thinkin.

/wish i understood spanish

Kevin Barrack

Thanks for the full story. A good story! I love the way you wrote the text, and the placement of the skull. Very nice. How can people be saying "too much text" or "lose the text". People, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TEXT. Thank you La Lupe for something genuine and original.


that wos a good read.... 5


me gusta mucho, $5


keep the text. its obviously important, and i think it looks cool. but make it lighter and little more all over, not just square-like. very nice!


The guy that said to lose the text was obviously making a joke. I believe he just didn't like the design but was trying to say it in a nonabrasive and humurous way.


The text should be a bit fainter and the skull should be superimposed over the top. Maybe the skull should even be larger than the text. It's just looks too much like a note, not graphic enough for me. Like, if the skull was bigger you'd get the visual of death, and then try to read the note, rather than the other way around.


beautiful -- i'd buy it.


wall of text on a shirt.


no skull!
i just, hate them.


I think this is kinda ugly.. Must be because they sell these kinds of shirts in the streets around here. No offence.

A translation might make it better though.


I really like it, i love skulls and i think the text is freakin awesome-i'd buy it


Wow, vaya historia...

Yeah, maybe its lots of text, maybe not for a shirt, but, i love the story and the design... its just that, i will need desperatly to stop the person to read all, or a will die with the doubt.... haha


By the way, im from Tamps



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