Small Boy, Big Dreams

This is a SicK PuPPy and MeLa de Gypsie collaboration! Inspired (besides by the theme) by the lyrics to the song Broomstick Cowboy. Originally working on our own ideas for this contest we decided to merge them into one and came up with this. Much love to ya all.............

Watch this

i really love the frong--i'd like to see another design placing more emphasis on him


Yes, I like the frog a lot and agree with LongLiveQuenquez.


i like so many things about this design
but i would like to see how it looks with just regular stars...


Awesome. Is this for the tag team too?


i'm glad you understood i meant to say "frog", not "frong."

SicK PuPPy

unfortunately this isnt for the tag team contest. Didnt think it would be right for the guy that organises it (me) to enter and mela already has a partner. We started this before the contest. Neway, thanks for all the comments!!!

MeLa de Gypsie

heh.. Thanks guys for the support. It's my first "sub", and one idea I had when I thought of The Science of Sleep, was "Broomstick Cowboy"

It's actually a pretty sad song, go check out the lyrics. One of my favourite evergreens.


dreams with a frog ?? 5$


I love the dreams part, but I don't get the dreamer part. Why is he shushing people? Shaying they shouldn't talk about their dreams? I think that folded sleep hands or something would be better.


yeah... i'm not a fan of the use of those nautical stars. or their placement either, i think there's too many.


wacky. but I like.


great, but the stars could be less complicated and the castle? less walt disney-ish/taj mahal-ish (unless it's supposed to be because i haven't heard the song). anyways, great concept


Good idea, just make a few changes, in the stars, [they look like the tattoos that Bros get], and make the castle look weirder, and more oddly shapped. I think that would help!



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