Do Not Club

  • by timrb
  • posted Oct 09, 2006

"By polite request of the Antarctic Civil Penguin Protection Authority (CPPA) which oddly has no authority whatsoever"

A few weeks ago, while reaching for ways to describe how one is supposed to protect the environment, a friend of mine uttered the phrase "don't club the little penguiny things." I instantly knew it had to become a shirt.

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i love the drawing. not sure about the text though.


i think i differnet placement of the text but i really like it


I love the picture!!! but I prefer it without text


i love the design, great colors. i'm just not digging the text.

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors, put the warning on the sleeve perhaps?

timrb profile pic Alumni

I have toyed with an alternate design. You can see it here, if you like.

It has been pointed out to me, however, that this may be a little too "cutesy." That was definately not what I was going for, but I can see why it was brought up. I leave it to you all to decide whether that's the case.

Text on the sleeve is certainly a feasible idea.




like pic, not text...
it seems like you;re making fun of the penguins...

timrb profile pic Alumni

Sure am.


i like the picture, not the text.


isn't it baby SEALs that are clubbed?

timrb profile pic Alumni

That's why I thought my friend's comment was funny: it was his dismissal of whatever was being clubbed as nondescript arctic-whatevers. That's almost the point of the design.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

The illustration is adorable. I'd love it is the little floating iceburg with the penguins was in a lower right hand placement on the shirt.

And I agree with most that the text should go. Or if you are very attached to it at least make it less wordy and put it someplace under the iceburg so the attention is more on the cute illustration than the actual text.

Just my 2cents. I'll give it a 4 and assume that if printed you'll do something about the ugly text.


no text


oh my gosh, your alternate with the additional text is hilarious... I'd buy it with or without the text, but the text makes me giggle, just make it a weeeee bit bigger so others wont be starting at my little boobies. :)


i agree with the text on the back, but either way..its wonderful


$5. With Text.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

4 buckareenos with the text on the back of the shirt. Copy that fucking hilarious and sarcastic needs to be on the shirt in some form somehow somewhere.


If you were to lose the text, you would kinda lose the point of the shirt in the process. so I'm for the text. Also, $5.


love the text.


aww i've always wanted a little penguiny thing


Like the picture, text too long


$5 with text either as is on back


lololol nice


actually the text is remarkable, especialy the alternative version [front & back, maybe?] but the drawing just ruins it


i like both the text and the picture, but maybe you could keep the test on the front and move the text onto the back either on one of the shoulders or on the bottom right hand corner.

chronically bizarre

I like the text and design, but I agree with others that you should maybe stick the text on the sleeve or on the back or somewhere and just have the penguin-thingys on the front, makes it a little more quirky and amusing


The text below the illustration would feel more balanced.

.onion profile pic Alumni

I like the drawing, but I do think the text could be taken out or placed in a different spot (bottom corner or side, even the back, cenetered) in order not to have two distracting visuals in the same spot.


I like the test. I think that is the whole point of the design. You could, however, make it more concise.


OMG HILARIOUS!!! 5 freaking hilarious dollars


If you somehow incorporated the text into the image (at least "the don't club the penguiny things") as a sign on the iceberg or something. i think the "title" text is nescessary. the body text is superflous(sp?) so you could do without it.

i love it though. 5$


I like the text, but i would prefer it without hyphenation.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great concept, you managed to get me to like a semi-penguined themed design...[cause, yes i have hated all other penguin design, but this one is great]


The text is fantastic, you have to keep it on the shirt somewhere. I wouldn't buy the shirt without it ...


Text is to long. Get rid of it.




Text MUST stay! Maybe on the back or on the sleeve, but you must keep it somewhere.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

5$ love ittt!


This is adorable! Keep the text, only because it calls them "the little penguiny things" (HAHAHA :D), if for no other reason. $5!


Oh text. Definitely keep the text. Actually, I prefer the other version with even MORE text, b/c, darn it, your text is funny! 5$ with text! Also the alt. version is more comfortable to look at, b/c it looks like a sign w/ a pic, and less like text just floating in midair above Antarctica. My only concern is that the text may be too small to print clearly. Maybe should cut out a couple lines so that the font can be made larger?


The alternate is much better! Cute penguins, though.

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