I am a Cyborg

  • by Jebs
  • posted Oct 02, 2006

I really Hope this one will please you, as much as i enjoyed creating it...i made it on a white tee, but other colors are nice too ;-)

Watch this

really nice. I wouldn't mind seeing maybe a green circuit board. $5

Joe Harding

love the colors combination

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd love this three hundred times more if the various body part names on the microchip popped out at you with a different color.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

hi everybody, for the color variations, i agree with you, a green color add would be nice, but i already use my 4 colors...the solution could be using a tee color different to use the fifth color, but i am sure that the white tee shirt fit the best my design...i try just now something wit the colors and post it on my blog in a few minutes ;-)

Jebs profile pic Alumni

NEW VERSIOn: on my Threadless Blog or at this adress: http://nhlfr.free.fr/tshirt/cyborg.gif with better contrasts and as frickinawesome says, with the body parts in a better contrasted color ;-)


i don't like that you can see the sides on the top and bottom- but no actual sides. otherwise- AWESOME


Love the concept


I really like the idea, but I think some of the reflections make the design a bit confusing.


nice idea but the shine is way too much and messy.. without it or much less would be good


yeah, I agree, the shine is too much... but this is a very good concept. 4


it took me a while to get it but the idea's interesting.


I really like it. But the cracks (that's what I assume they are) at the bottom of the glass look copy-and-pasted. Call me anal, but I look for that kinda stuff.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

napmasterC> i also look at that, and i admit that this time i was a bit lazy, so , 1 for you and 0 for me about this detail lol ;-)

filak profile pic Alumni

$5 ;)

Jebs profile pic Alumni

merci filak :-)


in black is better 5$

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