it's the process that counts

  • by band-it
  • posted Oct 01, 2006

mix it up,

make it up.

Watch this

I want one now!

5,ooo,ooo$ or just 5$


Would look cooler if you could take advtantage of the 4 color limit.

band-it profile pic Alumni

hey blu, thanks for the suggestion. i tried it, and i think it looked better this way, but we'll see. oh, and by the way, i looked at your profile and found this which i thought was a little bit humorous:

"...has scored 1337 submissions"


too cool for school
$5 cha ching!


Would love to see this start near the middle of the front, wrap around the back, and then end near the middle of the front.


band-it, you've scored almost that many submissions, why is that humorous? anyway, I think this is really cool. Keep the black and white. My only suggestions are to place the whole thing just a little lower and make it a little smaller, because the way you have it the two most important parts will be wrinkled most of the time. I would also prefer to drop the color on the note - I don't think it's necessary.


oh, "elite", I get it.

band-it profile pic Alumni

hahah, there you go.


band-it, I agree with Helo's comment.
...but I still gave you a 5'er anyway. Hope it get's printed!

princess penguin

oh no! this is the best shirt ever! i said this to someone else but i lied to them. and i love how only the note is in color. $55,555!


love it.. would love it more on another color. maybe grey.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and linework


lol looks nice!! i think itd be good on gray.


I agree with that one cool cat earlier on. You should probably lower the image on the shirt so you can see that piano player and the note more clearly. Other then that minor detail, I'd give you an A+ for perfection and a 5 for awesomeness!


if this shirt was around in the 40's WWII would never has happened


5$ ,, for the mustache of the man


I love this-- the fat note is so cute!

Malcolm Man

For the record, this is my favorite of all your designs so far.


move it down and its perfecto!
i love it(:

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