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  • by CHIV0
  • posted Sep 30, 2006

Before anybody says anything, I know the hands leave something to be desired, but I chose this style on purpose. I know they're not that pretty but that was the look I was going for. The small one was supposed to be the old 3D blue and red, but it is hard to see at that size. Anyway, let me have it. Its the chose which hand I'm holding it in game.

Watch this

I love it! $5 Great style and color choices.


I personally like the purple handed one better for some reason it evokes this feeling of nostalgia in me, can't say why either. weird. NICE! $5


if I wore this, I can think of more than one person that would be tempted to punch me in the chest. That said, nice design.


I love it! Very original, and great use of color. 5$


good work it's look like a bouquet.


I really like this.


liking this. i personally like it in the brown, just because it is less obvious and when people finally see what the design is it's like a shocker.

The Ending

I know the arms are supposed to be like that but the one on the left middle between the yellow and blue spot i think is TOO much. It needs a wrist and it would be much better i think. Love it in the purple too.


awesome. i like the taupe with the orange & green, but the blue/purple outlines may need different colors to go with them.


It looks like that time in Alien when the alien comes out of Sigorney Weaver's stomach and then she grabs it and falls backward to her own demise. Good movie. T-shirt, not as good.


I'd buy it :D
Good job.


it gives out a nice hand-drawn effect. i like that

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

it's like a mutant version of that black panther athlete who raised his fist at the olympics!!! Don't be so defensive CHIVo, this shirt is a winner- especially since its awesomeness is multiplied ten-fold after seeing it on someone. 4 bucks and flying fist salute!


I appreciate the loose sketchy look. Don't apologize for that. As for the positioning, I'd have to agree with it appearing as a punch full of fists. I looked at this upside down, and it was perfect. As if you're about to unfold a prize, or an empty hand. Maybe the middle should show an open hand with prize? The busy layout works well, and the purple style is very strong.




awesome, awesome, awesome. i haven't been this excited about a design in a loooooooooooong time.

5$. i prefer the more natural sketch as opposed to the purple.


punch punch punch!!! me like it


I think this a cool approach to the contest and a great design. I have a fear of this game though so i wouldn't wear it. 5 from me.


This is great.

Dr. Kynes

I like the choices in color.

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