I thought this might make you laugh.

Watch this

It would be really cute on a little kid


hahaha i love this although I'm not ticklish at all, so I wouldn't buy it, but I'd probably buy it for my sister.


I like the concept! Definitely cute for the kiddos. Maybe you could add in different playful fonts instead of the boxy font you've got.


LOL! I'm the most ticklish person ever and my friends know it so buying this would be asking for trouble. But I probably would anyway. Too cute!


Love this so much..


This is pretty amazing, but under my arms is most definately not my tickle spot.
I'm ticklish on my sides.

Al Veryard

Cool comments, thanks. Fair point about the font, I tried a few crazier ones but thought this style kept it simpler and a bit more adult. keep the messages coming people, it's great to know what you think. Cheers.


it did. it made me laugh :D


GREAT kids shirt, too!

Al Veryard

thanks. maybe the colours make it kiddy, a bit to bold.


haha this is adorable.


Te he he, this made made me laugh.

I recon it should be a bit lower down... i never tickle tickle people there!


PLEASE for the kids!!!!!!


here's to hoping that whoever wears this t-shirt dont sweat much...!

Al Veryard

That would be one reason not to tickle someone. Unless your into that sort of thing. Im not designing fetish tee by the way.


Add some to the kidney area too. I'm really ticklish there..


if i wore this shirt people would tickle me. there's nothing that i hate more than being tickled


this is so cute! however I am EXTREMELY ticklish and I could just see people diving for my armpits if I should wear this tee. Funny idea, but I couldn't buy it, 4$


haha yeah. i couldn't buy it, personally. i'm too ticklish.

Neon Radio

Very cute, especially for kids.
And I agree with what ScoobyDoo said earlier about a funner font.


I would buy for my kids, pink would be good!:)

Al Veryard

Its nice to flick up the website in the morning and find out people have been saying good things about my design. Thanks for the comments, I will try a font variation on this and maybe a few different placements of extra tickles, but not to many as I like the symmetry and the raised position of the design.

PLease keep the comments coming fellow Threadless teammates.


Love the Tee! :-) I think I will go and tickle my work colleagues now. They look a bit miserable!

Golf Junkie

This should be printed with heat activated glow-in-the-dark ink. That way, people could tickle you at the movies, too! Sorry, that was lame.


wow. i love this. its soo funny. i want it.


It's cute. I just don't want words coming out from my pits. Maybe smaller font, in a couple different tickle zones?

vally the boss

I'd keep the message under wraps until that special person came along!


that's FANtastic and super Dangerous! $5


haha. I definitely like this one. I just hope people don't tickle you if you wear it.


i laughed when i saw this
i want it reallllll bad.


It's funny -- especially for kids.


This would be a cute present for my girlfriend!

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Count me in with those that would be afraid to wear this shirt, due to ticklishness :) But it IS a great idea regardless!! :D


I would totally buy this for one of my brothers. it's very cute.

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