Decisions, decisions...

  • by ma17
  • posted Sep 27, 2006

who are these people? am I missing something?

Watch this

i think its supposed to be a characature of zach braff? not what i would call a good representation


"The winning submission will be chosen by a panel of Judges including Threadless staff and Zach Braff." Whoops, this one isn't getting printed.


ahahahaha...oh zach braff...

I just want to see his face for this one.


Zach Braff told Britain's Glamour magazine: "It's amazing I turned out straight. My parents loved Broadway musicals and they'd take me and all my siblings. They were the first things I saw where I was just blown away."


Oh Zach Braff, why do you tease me so with your little goat legs?


to nathan... its zach braff... do you really think hell be offended?


ahahahaha, contest or not, this is a winner..!


as a caricature, i think this is a good representation. i knew who it was immediately.


I would pay serious cash to see zach braff's reaction to this shirt. i bet it is absolutley pricless!


Yeah he is kind of touching himself in a sort of sexual way...with naughty eyes.


NO. no, no, no, no, no.


And Zach is Jewish. No crosses there.


it's supposed to be a dichotomy of one's self: we all posses the ability to do good or evil – hence our "choice." but i wanted it to convey this (hopefully) in a somewhat humorous way. that's why evil is giving good the famous "goat horns" in this picture. and as far as gay and sexual comments go... you see what you want to see, i guess. thanks for the feedback folks!

[Nancella] i also noticed the cross mistake, but it was too late of course – damn.

sol tee

Jeepers, could do make him a little buffer? His bulging biceps aren't quite up around his chin, like they are in real life.

At least the lips are accurate.


Ladies shirt.

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