Pork On Your Fork

My first submission... I'm a threadless virgin, please be gentle...

Watch this

At first I thought the design was eluding to a piggy bank then I realized there was a huge bite taken out of it, so now I think I get it either way i think its really adorable.




hehe cuuuuuute

Pink Apple

For all the sweet comments, thank you =) To all those who scored the design so low it was dropped after the first 24hrs, constructive criticism would have been more than welcome. Thanks everyone =)


in the graphic design world or any competitive field, you will never swim if you don't almost drown at least once. I'd be willing to bet you 99.9% of the people submitting on here have had a design declined or dropped early. ;-) Try studying the elements of art and design (in most art textbooks/online) and photoshop/vector art tutorials. Your public is your toughest critic, because they vote with their dollar.

Pink Apple

Thanks a bunch risleymae. Much appreciated :)


This is cute! I dont eat pork, but this is still very cute.

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