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  • by Monkey II
  • posted Sep 26, 2006

i think this would be way better without the stitched peace at the bottom. does not fit the style of the finger (et all) graphic. no stitched peace=4

Watch this

OMG I WANT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT $5! please printtttt... pleaseeee


its been done already


really cooool but without blood


cool, but is it supposed to look like it's flicking you off?


haha.. i like this.. I would want it a touch smaller on the tee... such a great concept..

Some Person

i like it but i couldn't wear it to school


There is a LOT going on here.. and the middle finger thing is really not going to fly. 1

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

thanks exin you are so generous


I love this, you managed to do something original... but because it's something that's not seen too often people aren't going to like it... I would so buy this in a heart beat... people only think they want to see something new... 5 $ (smaller)


also, I want to say that I'm amazed how much you managed to say with so little.

MeLa de Gypsie

OMG this is soooo good. make the laurels a little bigger and more obvious and it'll be ready for print..

Threadless, print this please?

benfrg91 profile pic Alumni

nice idea


Oh man, we're middle finger buddies. I just submitted a design for this very contest with an even more blatant middle finger hopefully it "fly's". I don't see why not. Nothing quite says hate like throwin' that one finger in the air.

----This is one of the only shirts submitted that follows the concept of "Peace and Hate" not "Love and Hate" or a total disregard of the concept. Nice Job. Although, there is a whole LOT of peace goin' on. Little lack of hate to balance. Still, Nice Job.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I think the giant middle vinger is enough hate to make up the balance. Yea I didn't want a love/hate theme ├žause it clearly says peace and hate. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to your sub^^


too many different styles (stitched, heavy lines, etc) for me


hey, i like it and all, but there are way too many peace tees right now.


Can we change the peace stitching to something else.


Please do more stuff on the stitching style. I really liked it, looks so good.


great idea i love it

Ava Adore

mmmm, nicely done!!

Annie the Pug

@tantrangle: No, I don't think this is original, actually. Stewy's right; it's been done.


@pistolbaby: What the flipping Hell? It aint sposed to be "Flicking" nothin'! It's flipping though, yes.


I like it.. I think I would like it a little better sans blood drops, though.


ha. wow, wasn't expecting that


this kid at my school cut his index finger off in metal shop class.

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