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  • by inaminute
  • posted Sep 23, 2006

"Brace Yourself" - Mr. Bean

Watch this

Without the text and the outline near the body of the person, I think this would be awesome. :]


yeah I was reluctant to put the text in myself. I hope everyone understands who this is! An alternate title to this could be: "MR. BEAN GOES DUMB!"


hmm. i love the Mr. Bean series.. not the movie. ugh. but ya.. i dunno.. dont know if i'd want it on a shirt. i wouldn't have known it was him without the title.


actually in the series he did the same "turkey on head" skit as in the movie this was taken from the series.


no text

really fun though


haha yeah i remember that episode...geez its been a while

Pink Apple

I was part of a psych experiment during Uni, which involved measuring my reaction to alternations between this Mr Bean scene and Reservoir Dogs. Sadly, I laughed at both of them. Anyway, it's got a story with me, so I adore it.


the underline of the words make the shirt look too graceful in comparison to his turkeyhead. haha! great idea though! :) 4!


i thought of Friends when i first saw it, was never really into Mr. Bean. nice work though.


I agree with others; eliminate the text and the outline and you have a winner. Maybe put the text on the back, but definitely lose the outline. It's too fancy for Mr. Bean.

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