Peace tries to take Root, but...

So there is a fairly logical concept behind this semi-surreal piece. (I know my doves look the same in this piece and the "Bring the promise, start the storm" sub.)

Peace finds it is impossible to take root, because Hate just keeps climbing, cutting, burning.

Originally, there were other furry demon people things on the ground, but I like this simplified look. And a final insight (it's late at night, gimme a break): Did you know that the opposite of Hate is not Love, but Peace? Likewise, the opposite of Love is not Hate, but Indifference. So where is War?

Let me know what you think. About the sub, not the blabber.

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herky profile pic Alumni

nice style and illustration


i really like it
the hate guy looks so creepy!
love the unibrow on it though

Quag profile pic Alumni


ladykat profile pic Alumni

very sweet. would not wear it on white though... but if it were printed on another light color (light blue, lemon yellow, pale pink even) i'd be tempted to buy it!


Geez, finally I like one of these peace/hate things...I thought the guns were going to cause me to get my eyes stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so much. I love brown. maybe reverse the colors to white on brown so that i don't turn the pits yellow on a white one. $5 anyway.

diana person

either a colored shirt or colored design. but me likey. i'd buy it even if it were printed on white.

diana person

maybe you can add a tiny demon creature ont he back bottom of the shirt somewhere? i'd buy that even more. haha.


I agree with anaeromyxo's suggestion - inverting the colors would be badass. great illustration/design. that guy's nose is huuuuge though, dang. 5


get rid of the guy

Alex M. Solefish

^anaeromyxo-- i know EXACTLY what you mean, haha.

i'd be fine with inverting the colors.


to quote a musical, "The opposite of WAR isn't PEACE, it's CREATION"

I like the inverting color idea.


Add some colors. This isn't just clever, it's thoughtful. Well done. 5


Love the design! On any color shirt but white or natural, I'll buy it in a heartbeat! 55555555

cant think of one

Good idea but i think war is the opposite if peace. Maybe design could rotate a little so that it goes straight down the centre like a tap root

Alex M. Solefish

^ Hate and love are definitely not opposite. They're actually more akin to each other because they're both very consuming and passionate emotions. War is curiously token to both hate and love; but indifference, because of its negative connotations, is more the opposite of love. Similarly, peace, which is basically to be at ease and satisfied, at rest (passionless), would be more opposite of hate, and yeah, I'll shut up now. ;)

I set it at an angle because the bird is still in flight.


αυτό είναι μια καλή ιδέα, αλλά δεν είναι όμορφη, και πρέπει να είναι.


the opposite of love is selfishness.

the opposite of hate is indifference.


nice idea and it works well climbing up the tshirt.. 5


i wouldn't get it just because i try not to make statements with my tshirts.

but more evil creatures would look better i think.

and as per the philosophy: i agree that the opposites of war are creation and birth, the opposite of hate or love (or any other emotion) is apathy. but peace doesn't mean passionless. not at all.

Alex M. Solefish

I think love can be as selfish as it is selfless, paradoxically enough.


The first thing this reminded me of was "A Light in the Attic" because of the scribble wire design. This design though is a little too heavy handed though. Peace as the bird, fire (war) breaking the root. Still, I liked the general idea of anything climbing up a vine in that "A Light in the Attic" type style.

Alex M. Solefish

^I like that style, but it wasn't what I had in mind for this sub.


i love the placement, but the illustration needs more refinement.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The top of the illustration is sweet (the bird & the first set of his branches)....but everything below that seems sloppy and looks odd in comparison.


I like it a lot, but in a different color. A shade of blue, perhaps?


i like the dove, but the hate demon scares me


i think its cute. love that it encapsulates a little fable/parable type thing. Brown on white is good for me. $5


i LOVE this. I would 100% buy this!


I really like the design, but once again it needs to be on a light blue tee, or a brown tee with white design.

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