If These Bones Could Walk

I came up with this during a mind bendingly dull lecture last semester and have filly pulled my finger out and finished it.

Hurrah for me!

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i like the concept, but i say skip the whole daydreaming concept and just do a shirt of the image in the thought balloon. just a rampaging dinosaur skeleton seems funnier to me than a dinosaur skeleton THINKING about rampaging. regardless, i like it.


nice design But I disagree with rangermatt... I reckon it should be set out like it is.... $5... I like the detail.


sweet design...the poor little wee thing just wants one last snak
i would soo wear this, in fact i want it now...$5


i. need. this. now. $5




haha awesome!


Like the idea, but not sure about the layout with the thought bubbles and everything. There's too much going on, the details are too small and get lost.


I agree. Just have the scenario in the bubble.


clever- i like the shirt as it is, however, i agree that there may be too much going on to fit on a shirt- will still be effective with just the bubble scene- way to go!


i like it, like your style 5$

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

the graphics are well done but you need a lighter stroke for the daydream bubbles. I would also make them more organically shaped rather than ovals.


^ Took the words out my mouth, banana. Love the image inside the thought bubble, though. It would be a good design on its own.



Some Person

a good shirt for me becuase i am a necromancer. dead things coming to life and attackin' stuff is awesome. 5$


Very COOL! I love it, i reckon it should stay as it is. 55555$$$$ id buy it right now....oh and i also think the placement is cool, cause its different and not in the usual place like most other designs


reminds me of that movie coming out with Ben Stiller as a night watchman at the museum where the stuff comes alive. pretty cool. I think you should include the baloon in the dream bubble since the kid beside the dinosaur is holding a baloon. it'd be pretty funny to see the kid running for his life clinging to the baloon or something. i dont know, i'm rambling


i love this! the thought bubble works, and it's not too cluttered. i'd definitely buy it.


i like the thought bubble...gives the scenario more depth...BUT perhaps it does get a little small for a shirt. make the whole design bigger on the shirt (or make the bubble part bigger)?! seems to be plenty of space on the shirt to still frame the design well.


it does look a bit busy, but well done anywho. hurrah for you indeed.




don't pay attention to the people who say to ditch the thought-bubble thing. that's what makes this cool. (this is one of the few shirts I've seen that I'd wear as is.)


i agree with banana. I would rather see less of the actual dino and more of the action in the thought bubble


hey, so i like it a lot...but maybe biggeR? like they're saying up there, it's kinda hard to maybe see what's happening in the bubble asmuch...


i was just surfing through the designs again, and as i saw this i realised this...look at the design as is on the template , and from my point of view i can see exactly what is happening from that far away. just a thought


definitely awesome $5


addemdum to my last comment: i agree with some other suggestions - making the thought ballon bigger (and more organic as someone suggested), would help out a lot. the focus of the shirt should be the rampage, not the "thinking of the rampage". if you can successfully switch the focus, you've got yourself a winner. i really like where you're going with this.


Don't listen to these whiny people. Keep the shirt design the way it is, and just enlarge the overall design to give a greater sense of size and weight to the dinosaur.

Wite Rabbit
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hey to all you commenters...thanks for all the feed back, it
helps alot...maybe i should in future pitch my ideas in a blog first...
i just get too exited about what i am working on, oh well.

it could be bigger, and i am sure i could change that (if threadless wanted me to, heh heh ;) )

thanks again people
i will stop gas bagging now


very nice. design of thought bubbles could use a bit of tweeking, but i


i'd buy this for my nephew


funny but wouldnt wear it


isn't there a movie out like this? someone famous is a nightwatchman in a museum and stuff?


LOVE it. But white? How about natural?


take whats in the thought bubble and make that the design. a 5 for sure if you make it that way.

Ava Adore

and what banaaphone said


I would buy it either way.

Pink Apple

I really love this shirt, illustration, idea & all... If you are concerned about the two focal points, why not put the "regular" museum scene on the front of the shirt, and the "rampage" scene on the back? Just thought I'd throw another idea your way. Still a 5 as is.


coooool !! i love it


great concept!! the bubble itself hurts it a smidge...just seems like too hard of an edge and competes with the illustrations themselves...which are terrific by the way!


4 as is needs to be bigger and oval to be a cloud


I truly would buy this without the bubbles and just the narative of the dino on the loose....... it really doesn't need the extra stage of it imagining.......Honestly that would make this a winner for me ; )


ive been tracking the progress of this one, but i think youre all forgetting the idea...this dino has been sitting there for all these years just thinking how great it would be to eat all these people and rampage, without that narrative element it sort of loses its uniqueness....its like the calm before the storm, it makes you read into it


cute concept. i'd lose the balloons. instead of having the attack be in a thought bubble, what about showing the attack on the shirt?

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